Lavanya Tripathi, Abhijeet, Disney + Hotstar Specials “Miss Perfect” trailer launch event, streaming from February 2


Disney + Hotstar which has become the favorite streaming service from the OTT lovers is delighting it’s patrons with Hotstar Specials. Now it’s bringing another brand new series titled “Miss Perfect”, a cinematic creation from the prestigious Annapurna Studios and directed by Vishwak Khanderao. The series is produced by Supriya Yarlagadda. This premium romantic comedy, starring Lavanya Tripathi, Abhijeeth, Abhigna Vuthaluru, Jhansi, and Harshavardhan, is poised to redefine entertainment with its compelling narrative and top-notch production quality. The web series releases in 7 languages – Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Bengali and Marathi on February 2nd. The trailer of this web series was released today. On this occasion

Writer Frances Thomas says – “Miss Perfect” started as a short film. Supriya’s entry into the project, reaching the hotstar and that turned into a big series. We made the small changes to the script we wrote. But they are all good. Thanks to director Vishwak. Wishing a blockbuster success “Miss Perfect.”

Writer Shruti Ramachandran said – “Miss Perfect” trailer is very good. We liked all the elements in the trailer. Humor and unique characters create curiosity. We hope the audience will like our series.

Editor Ravi Teja Girijala said – Thanks to our director Vishwak for giving us the opportunity to work on the “Miss Perfect” project. Also my best wishes to Annapurna Studios, Disney Hotstar Team, Abhijeet, Lavanya and other unit members.

Cinematographer Aditya Javadi said – This is an entertaining series. We enjoyed a lot while working on this project. This is the script that goes on the performance of the artists. Abhijeet, Lavanya, Jhansi, all acted impressively. While watching “Miss Perfect” we remember some fun events in our life. This is a web series that can be watched comfortably by the whole family.

Creative producer Adhip Iyer said – Supriya believed in the good script brought by Shruti and Francis and approached the Disney plus hotstar. After seeing this script Hotstar, they took it as it is close to our life. And so “Miss Perfect” took off. When makers narrated the script to Lavanya, I was tensed to see what she would say. I am waiting to see Abhijeet and Abhijna’s performance on screen.

Actress Jhansi said – Writers imagine us in different roles and feel lucky to give us those opportunities. So Vishwak gave me the character of Rajya Lakshmi in this web series. The more strict Rajya Lakshmi is on screen, the more fun you will get. This is a good web series. Watch “Miss Perfect” on Hotstar on February 2nd and give your response.

Actress Abhijna says – “Miss Perfect” Lavanya has an OCD. What kind of situations did she face because of that OCD? The points of how the characters around them got involved in those situations shown very entertainingly in this series. Thanks to the writers Shruti and Francis who wrote the script to make the audience like all the different characters and situations. Thanks to director Vishwak, and all our team. After the release of the teaser, many memes came on Abhi, Abhi. I thought so many comments were about me but I was surprised to know that they were about Abhijeet. Also Lavanya, Jhansi, Harshavardhan, I enjoyed working with all the team. Annapurna Studios and Supriya have supported us a lot. Even after you have watched the “Miss Perfect” web series completely, you can rewatch it again and watch the scenes you like.

Actor Mahesh Vitta said – As an actor, you get some memorable characters. Thanks to director Vishwak for giving me such a memorable character in “Miss Perfect”. I will be seen in the character of a security guard in this series. I observed some security guards secretly to do this character. “Miss Perfect” will impress you all.

Actor Roshan said – I would like to thank director Vishwak Anna for supporting me with a good character in this web series. “Miss Perfect” is a fun filled web series. We enjoyed a lot while working. You all will also be entertained while watching this series.

Actor Keshav said – Annapurna studios is like our home banner. In this banner, I have done Vyooham and loser. Now I acted in Miss Perfect. I also worked for a Athidhi series in Hotstar. “Miss Perfect” is an entertaining web series. Enjoy it on Disney Hotstar from February 2nd.

Director Vishwak Khanderao said – Adheep was the first reason I became the director of this series. He set the team right from the introduction to the writers until the project took off. Abhijeet is doing the main role. I haven’t seen Bigg Boss but I have seen Abhijeet’s Life is Beautiful and some other projects. Even though he didn’t have to audition, he auditioned for this series. When Lavanya was playing the lead role of Miss Perfect, I thought of bringing her performance like in the movie Andala Rakshasi. If there are changes in the script, the writers have been very supportive. Also the making was so much fun. All the schedules with Jhansi and Harsha were too funny. “Miss Perfect” is a good entertainer. Watch it on Hotstar from February 2nd.

Producer Supriya Yarlagadda said – Akkineni Nagarjuna and Akkineni Nageswara Rao garu were always supporting new talent and that’s why the Annapurna studios was established. Many new people are given opportunities in this banner. The purpose of this banner is to bring new talent to light. We tried the same with the “Miss Perfect” series. The Disney plus Hotstar team has been very supportive in this journey. Anuradha and Uday used to solve immediately any problem we had. Abhijna proved her guts by coming forward to do a character that many girls said no to for this series. You know Abhijeet’s identity with Bigg Boss. He performed well in this series. I have a good friendship with Lavanya from Soggade Chinninayana time. I thought she was perfect for Miss Perfec. A short story has strong characters that will captivate you. Watch “Miss Perfect” on Disney plus Hotstar on February 2.

Heroine Lavanya Tripathi said – We are happy to release the trailer of our series on the inauguration day of Ayodhya Ram Mandir. I was Miss Perfect when this series started and I became Mrs. Perfect before the series completed. Before this series I felt stressed for some of the projects that I did. I felt like a relief to find a script like “Miss Perfect” in such a time. Shruti and Francis have written a superb script. I enjoyed it while reading. I worked with Supriya for Soggade Chinninayana movie and it was a blockbuster. We again worked for Miss Perfect and I hope this will also be a big success. I love Disney plus hotstar and regulary watch series and movies. Abhijeet can be called a cool star. If you say that you acted well, he asks if it is true. Our director Vishwak is Mr. Perfect. In scenes where the dialogues are not spoken properly, we had to do another take until it comes perfectly. We learned a lot from him. Abhijna is a good actress and i was impressed with her performance. As befits the title, our “Miss Perfect” is so perfect. Watch it on Disney plus Hotstar on February 2nd.

Hero Abhijeet said – Today is a very special day. There’s a lot of positivity is going on. Lord Ram pran pratishta happenrd in Ram Mandir, Ayodhya. I think this is an unforgettable occasion in my life. Talking about this series it is always a pleasure to work in Annapurna Studios banner. I did not take much time when Adheep brought this project to me. I said I will definitely do it. I liked the script so much. I gave an audition to our director Vishwak over the phone from Australia. He is so perfect even if he doesn’t like any scene, he doesn’t say it is not good. He says good but let’s do another take. We’ve completed the serirs without bothering anyone. I’m very happy to act with Lavanya. So happy to meet the script writers Shruti and Francis. You have given a fantastic script. After watching the trailer of “Miss Perfect”every artist performed well. I felt like I was disappearing in their performance. The reason I am here in the industry is because of my fans. They are my family. Heartfelt thanks to everyone.