‘Land Mafia’ Trailer unveiled


Pranayanadha and Madhubala’s film ‘Land Mafia’ is coming under the banner of Pranayanadha Chitraya. This film is directed by Babu VN. The film is going to be released under the banner of Shree Lakshmi Pictures. Its trailer was released today.

Hero and producer Pranayanadha, speaking at the trailer launch event, said, “This project which started as a small film has become a big-scale movie. Sravya Films has stood by us since the beginning, helping us in every way possible. We have made a solid film.”

Madhubala said, “Thanks to the director for offering me such a nice role. I am happy that our film has reached this far. Along with a message, the film is rich in all sorts of commercial elements. I hope the audience love our movie.”

Director Babu said, “Our producer supported us a great deal at every turn. There is no turning back on spending. We completed the film only because of the cooperation of Sunil Kumar Reddy. The entire team also cooperated a lot. I will never forget the contribution of cinematographer Venkat and Editor Krishna. They all led us from the front. I want the audience to support our film.”

Editor Krishna Mandal praised the passion of the makers, especially Pranayanadha. “Sunil Kumar Reddy stood behind us and supported us. I want the film, which the entire team has worked hard for, to be a success,” he added.

Director of Photography Venkat said, “Thanks to the director and producers for giving me a chance in such a good film.”

Sunil Kumar Reddy said, “I met this team because of my friend Ravindra Babu. My friend Ravindra told me that I should take this project forward. I want this film to be a big success and I want the film unit to get a good name.”

Distributor Bapiraju said, “The Telugu audience will appreciate any good film. We hope that the Telugu audience will watch ‘Land Mafia’ as well. We are preparing to release this film on February 14.”

Banner: Pranayanadha Chitralaya
Producer: Pranayanadha
Director: Babu VN
Cinematographer: Venkat J
Editor: Krishna Mandal
Music Director: Pradeep Chandra
PRO: Paul Pavan

Land Mafia Trailer Launch Press Meet Video ( NO COPYRIGHT ISSUES) – https://we.tl/t-6kescPujRc

Land Mafia Movie Trailer (NO COPYRIGHT ISSUES) – https://we.tl/t-HXdBOg5zuc

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