Kayagurala Lakshmipathi, a Producer joined in the Janasena Party


Kayagurala Lakshmipathi, the head of KLP Movies and a businessman and producer with IQ Movie, has joined the Janasena party today. His father was Mr. K. Narayanaswamy is a person who has worked for the survival and public service of the TDP party since its inception. Inspired by his father, he also joined the Jana Sena party today to do public service. Earlier he served the party workers to the people of Anantapur town as RTA board member and telecom advisory committee member. Efforts have been made to build a permanent RTO office at the government site in Anantapur and the construction has been completed. During his tenure as Telecom STD and ISD committee member, party workers were allotted STD booths and given bank loans. Through KSS Charitable Trust, he distributed hand sticks & blankets to the poor at his own expense and constructed a water tank. Similarly, he was the general secretary of Akhil Bharata Kapu Samakhya and undertook statewide welfare programs for Kapu and Balija communities. Today Janasena Party leader Pawan Kalyan invited him to join the party and advised him to work for public service for the victory of the party in Anantapur Urban Constituency.

On this occasion Kayaguralu Lakshmipati said: I am follower of Pawan Kalyan and has participated in many service programs with him in the past. I made my debut with the movie IQ because I liked movies. Two more films are under production. I like movies so much. I am also getting a lot of support from the film industry. Special thanks to all those who are supporting from the film industry. Similarly thanks to my fellow friends who are supporting me in the business field. While producing movies, I will work for the people for the party and work for the people by doing my best in the Janasena party where I have given a place on the alliance in the district in the footsteps of Pawan Kalyan. I am ready to serve the people from the Janasena party without betraying the trust that Pawan Kalyan has placed in me.