‘Kalyanam Kamaneeyam’: Family audience find it endearing and relatable


Kalyanam Kamaneeyam‘ was released in theatres on January 14. The film has proven once again that UV Creations’ UV Concepts knows how to make films that combine realistic situations with endearing performances, sound technical elements, and neat production values.

Starring Santosh Soban and Priya Bhavani Shankar as a married couple, the film is about a wife discovering the worth of her husband. The storyline and the running theme of the movie have struck the right emotional chord. No wonder the family audience are showing interest in the movie.

Director Anil Kumar Aalla, despite being a debutant, hasn’t resorted to any gimmicks. His writing is bereft of unnecessary twists and contrived turns. That’s what is making the audience root for the characters. In the wife’s character, people are finding the qualities of a typical sister, mother, daughter, or wife.

On top of it, the cute performances by the lead cast. Both Soban and Priya Bhavani look made for each other. They look at home as a couple living under the same roof. Shravan Bharadwaj’s music and Karthik Gattamaneni’s cinematography make the proceedings look real.

The film also features Satyam Rajesh, Kedar Shankar, Saddam, Devi Prasad and Pavitra Lokesh.