Jail for Balakrishna’s former PA

Jail for Balakrishna's former PA


Entertainer and Hindupur MLA Bala Krishna’s previous Personal aide Shekhar gets multi-year imprisonment and 3 lakhs punishment in unbalanced resources case. Nellore ACB court convicts him for this situation. Subtleties as beneath. Shekhar filled in as collaborator engineer at Padmavati college in Tirupati. Afterwards, after Bala Krishna chose as MLA, he was named as his own colleague to Bala Krishna.

As Bala Krishna was acting in motion pictures even subsequent to getting chose as MLA, Shekhar was sans given hand by Bala Krishna in the voting public. Shekhar abused the opportunity and supposedly gathered cash from numerous individuals in Hindupur. At a certain point of time, TDP frameworks whined to Bala Krishna to expel him as PA however he didn’t pay regard to them at first. With that, resistance pioneers asserted that Shekhar was gathering cash in the interest of Bala Krishna as it were. Be that as it may, later CBN likewise exhorted Bala Krishna to sack Shekhar and Bala Krishna pursued the prompt.