IQ (Power of Students) Review


Film: IQ (Power of Students);Rating: 3/5
Banner: KLP Movies
Presented by: Kayagurala Rajeswari
Screenplay & Director: Srinivas GLB
Producer: Kayagurala Lakshmipathi
Camera: T Surender Reddy
Story, Dialogues and Music: Poluru Ghatikachalam
Cast: Sai Charan, Pallavi, Transy, Suman, Banarjee, Satya Prakash, Geetha Singh, and others.

Kayagurala Rajeshwari presents the film while the film is made under the banner of P Movies. “IQ” (Power of Students) is a movie produced by Kayagurala Lakshmi Pathi under the direction of B. Srinivas. Let’s see how this movie is doing in the following review. The film was released today.

As the title suggests, the movie is certainly related to a brain. Bhumika (Pallavi), a middle class girl, is a very intelligent girl. She is very active since childhood and with her IQ, she participates in the Crorepati competition and wins one crore rupees. The money thus won will be spent on the education of middle class students. After her PhD, Jyoti joins Lakshmi Engineering College as a professor and tries to make many students into better citizens. Vivek (Sai Charan), who is studying in the same college, comes to give training to this gang but falls in love with Bhumika at first sight. On the other hand, a university professor who sees her IQ makes a deal to sell the girl’s brain and plans to kidnap her. So, did Vivek kidnap Bhumika or did the professor do it? What are the consequences of that? How did the police handle this case? Forms the story of the movie.

Sai Charan, who played the role of Vivek, performed very well even though this was his first film. Pallavi, who played the role of Bhumika, a girl with a good IQ, excelled in her role. Senior actor Suman’s performance in the role of Prakash Goud, a police commissioner who investigates Bhumika’s case, can be said to be the highlight of this film. Senior Actors Banerjee, Satya Prakash, Surya, and others have also played their parts well. Satthi Pandu’s performance is good. Roshini Razak, Lucky, Ranjith, Pratap Alex, Seelam Srinivasa Rao who acted as friends of the hero did justice to their roles. The rest of the cast made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:
The technical team has worked very hard to come up with a grand output for the film. Surender Reddy has provided good cinematography. Senior writer Ghatikachalam is good with the writing and dialogues. Sivasharvani’s editing is good as well. “IQ” (Power of Students) is a good and unique subject produced by Kayagurala Lakshmi Pathi under P Movies banner. The production values are grand. The music is impressive as well.

Plus Points:
Production Values

Minus Points:
Few lags

“IQ” is a film related to intelligence, and mafia also comes to play a key role here. Director Srinivas GLB has selected a new point with the film where the mafia in education system has been discussed. Unlike the regular story, director Srinivas GLB has shot the film very well in the background of youth. The director has succeeded to entertain the viewers in every frame. The film has got a good point and it has been executed well. The story, producer and director have made the film what it is today, which is very much entertaining. The hero also excelled in his role. On the whole, the film is recommended to watch.

Punchline: Good and Entertaining Film