investigative Thriller DEVIL will impress audience with commercial elements: Hero Kalyanram


Nandamuri Kalyanram is known for his knack in selecting unique scripts right from the beginning of his career is bringing another interesting film titled Devil – The British Secret Agent. Samyuktha, Malavika Nair playing key roles in the film. The film is directed and produced by Abhishek Nama. The film is releasing worldwide on December 29th.

The film’s trailer was released recently and it made us all to anticipate more from the film. The banger trailer promised a thrilling cinematic experience. As part of promotions, Hero Nandamuri Kalyanram, the devil himself interacted with media about the film and sharing interesting insights.

– In 2021, Srikanth Vissa came and narrated the story of Devil to me. The characterization seemed different in that story with a 1940s backdrop. If you watch Sherlock Holmes movies, you will do investigative work in them, and Devil carries that kind of vibe. After listening to the story, I asked him if he wrote the story for me. Then he said that he just wrote a story. I loved his honesty and immediately said okay. Then I told Srikanth two things. I said that we will make the film if we make changes in the script in a commercial style, keeping the hero characterization and the backdrop the same. Bimbisara movie was already more than half completed. I knew what kind of film we are making, so I suggested Srikanth make changes in the script. With that, Srikanth sat for two or three months and made the changes. It took a year for the script. It took a year for making.

– I always try to present new films to the audience. I missed the commercial elements for once in Amigos; there is a new concept called doppelganger. I didn’t think of adding some more commercial elements at that time, and it was my mistake. So I think it was a misfire. I have taken care to have commercial elements in this film. I found it new to have commercial elements mixed in an investigative thriller. It is a purely fictional movie.

– As Soundar Rajan is the cinematographer, I decided that the visuals would exceed what I expected while listening to the story. I have also been working with Costume Designer Rajesh since 2017. For the first look of Devil, Rajesh brought the reference and showed what the hero’s look should be like. I felt happy when I saw it. They tried to attribute Indianness to my character, and it was well-received.

– I didn’t do any special method while doing the role. If the character in the story feels new to us, our dialogue delivery and acting style will all change.

– There are a lot of high moments in Devil. You have to watch the movie to experience the adrenaline rush. If there is a patriotism angle or not, you have to wait for the 29th.

– Talking about Harshavardhan Rameshwar, he said, “Abhishek Nama garu said that he did Arjun Reddy’s background score. He said that he is composing the music for the movie Devil. Harsha’s BGM for Arjun Reddy was very good. If the songs are on one side when it comes to the devil, the background score should balance it out. It seemed that he would do justice like Keeravani garu did for Bimbisara. But after watching the movie, I felt happy with his work.

– My character has no gray shade in Devil. The entire team worked on everything in great detail. You will enjoy watching it on the silver screen tomorrow.

– Samyukta Menon and Malavika Nair’s characters are very good. Not only their characters, every character has importance in the story. Samyukta Menon’s character is as important as the hero. Malavika Nair has a different track altogether, but she was phenomenal.

– Balancing both the actor and producer in me is a tough job. Because I have to work harder in production than I have to work hard in acting. I understood that in the case of the movie Om. After that, I will hear the story related to the films made under our banner. My brother Hari will take care of the rest.

– We had a discussion about the sequel to Devil. We did 40-50 percent scriptwork. We also wanted to shoot at one stage. But we didn’t want to mix everything. We will announce the sequel on December 29 after seeing the response to the movie Devil.

– Coming to my upcoming projects, currently, there is a project on sets. After that, I will start Bimbisara 2.

– We want the films we make to be great. That’s why we take care of the output. I am clear about Tarak’s Devara. We have decided not to release any content unless we both get clarity.

– I have completed almost twenty years’ journey as an actor and learned a lot in this journey. As a father, as a husband, I have learned many things in terms of films.