Intiti Ramayanam will make you laugh your lungs out; the response is massive, say makers at the success meet   


Intiti Ramayanam, a family drama blending comedy and mystery – is the latest Telugu film released in theatres this weekend. Starring senior actor VK Naresh, Rahul Ramakrishna, and Navya Swamy in the lead roles, the film, presented by Sithara Entertainments, is set in the rural backdrop of Jammikunta town in interior Telangana and is enjoying a good response in theatres. Speaking during the press meet organised in the city on Saturday commemorating its success, the makers along with cast and crew spoke about the audience’s response post release.

Director Suresh Naredla said, “Intinti Ramayanam is finally out in theatres and we’re very happy to know the positive response from audiences. Viewers are enjoying the comedy and emotional sequences throughout the film. When we visited the Sandhya theatre yesterday in the city, the audience response was massive and overwhelming. Be it the scenes of Bithiri Satti or the police station episode, we get to hear a hilarious talk overall. ‘Intinti Ramayanam’ is spreading through word-of-mouth.”

The director further said that everyone who watched the trailer has been saying that the story is about gold theft. “It is not about the mystery of theft. It’s just an undercurrent theme to make viewers curious. The film is more of human relationships, how people change according to the situations, how their originalities come up with changing times.”

Anji Mama, who played a crucial role in the film stated, “I thank my producers who put a step forward to bring a rural story to public. I also thank Producer Naga Vamsi garu, director Suresh Naredla garu, my co-actors and technicians who worked relentlessly for the film. Not restricted to individuals, it’s a film that a family can enjoy thoroughly in theatres, and also go back home laughing while recalling the incidents.”

Character artiste Kavitha said, “I thank our director Suresh garu for giving me the opportunity in the film. We were thrilled to know the pulse of the audience when we visited the theatres yesterday. ‘Intinti Ramayanam’ was a laugh riot. People enjoyed the film from the word go. I request audiences to support our film.”

Navya Swamy congratulated the entire team for the success of ‘Intinti Ramayanam’. “When we watched the final copy, we felt that we might get a good response for this particular scene or that comedy episode. But contrary to our expectations, the reaction of the audiences was quite tremendous. We all are very happy when we witnessed the people breaking into laughter in the halls. It was more than what we had expected. The kick that one can get watching a comedy film along with a bunch of people in theatres is so massive. The comedy doubles up. You will just laugh your lungs out,” Navya said.

Being a non-native Telugu speaker, Navya Swamy admitted that she had to struggle to catch the diction of the Telangana dialect. “I would take the script along and practice it at home just to get familiar with the words. Since I had done my homework, I didn’t feel any difficulty delivering my dialogues before the screen,” she added.

Talking about the inspiration behind setting up the film in the Telangana backdrop, director Suresh said, “I want ‘Intinti Ramayanam’ to be true to its theme with a village backdrop. A proper indie-kind-of a look. The gold-theft incident is a small one in which the story revolves around in the second half. People in the sleepy village are happy-go-lucky souls who chat and crack jokes leading a happy life. It’s all a closely-knit family, but if they have to face something untoward and unexpected, the genuineness of these people is exposed. I want to show how the characters change their colours according to the circumstances. I wanted to portray those moments.”

Producer Venkat Uppaturi, who made his theatrical debut with ‘Intinti Ramayanam’, said he first partnered with aha to make the film. Later after getting convinced with the final product, he wanted to go for theatrical release. “So it eventually clicked and the response was good. I wish we hear a lot more positive response as the days pass,” he added.

Producer Gopichand Innamuri said, “Irrespective of genres whether it is a commercial film or a comedy-drama, audiences would own it if they relate to the story. ‘Intinti Ramanayam’ is one such story which has all elements packed in one bag.” Surabhi Prabhavathi, Gangavva, Anji Mama, Anji, Chevella Ravi (Bithiri Satti), Jeevan and Stephen Madhu play key roles in the film.