Instagram official most followed handle posts about National Award winning actor and Icon Star Allu Arjun


Icon star Allu Arjun has scripted history by emerging as the very first Telugu actor to have won the national award. Allu Arjun was catapulted into the national spotlight thanks to Pushpa: The Rise, a film that transcended regional boundaries and captivated audiences all over the country. Throughout Telugu-speaking states and beyond, he continues to attract fans with his magnetic charisma, exceptional acting skills, and remarkable journey.

His epic cinematic journey from Gangotri to Pushpa was written by Allu Arjun himself with his own blood and sweat. His outstanding performances earned him several awards, including five Filmfare Awards, two Nandi Awards, and a Special Jury Award. This journey from a large number of people criticising to a whole nation appreciating was not easy.

Allu Arjun may come from a family of superstars, but it is only through his hard work and dedication every day that he has become a national superstar. Now, the actor has achieved yet another unique feat in his career. Instagram’s official channel will post about an actor for the first time in India. Coming to specifics, an Instagram official crew from the United States recently flew down to Hyderabad and shot few clips of Allu Arjun. The video was uploaded around 9:00 a.m. today.

Allu Arjun continues to astound people around the country with his exceptional feats. He is all set to rule Indian cinema with many more Iconic performances. Having gained national recognition, fans are eager to see what magic he will weave within the cinematic realm.