I thought Annapurna Photo Studio will be a superhit after watching the trailer – Mass Ka Das Vishwak Sen at Pre release event


Mass Ka Das Vishwak Sen was the chief guest at the pre-release event of “Annapurna Photo Studio” starring Chaitanya Rao and Lavanya. Producer Raj Kandukuri, singer Raghu Kunche and writer Lakshmi Bhupala participated in the program and conveyed their wishes to the film team. Produced by Yash Rangineni under the Big Ben Cinemas banner, the film is directed by Chendu Muddu. “Annapurna Photo Studio” movie is getting ready to release on 21st of this month. In the pre-release event,

Cinematographer Pankaj said – Chendu didn’t tell about the story when he called .e for this film. They said that the story will be in retro style. Our cinematographers have a desire to make movies in retro style. I am happy that it came true with my first movie. The movie will be enjoyed in the theater. Locations become attractions. Said

Actress Uttara said – I am playing a character named Paddhu in this movie. Hero’s sister role. I had a lot of fun playing this character and I had fun with my older brother who was very funny. Thanks to the producer Yash Garu for introducing a young talent like us.

Actor VIVA Raghava said – Annapurna Photo Studio is an organic and pure movie. Movies are happening on the set. But our director Chendu made the movie in real locations. The movie is impressive with its unique concept..

Actor Lalit Aditya said – Earlier I acted in a short film. I am doing a good character in this movie. This is a movie with all emotions and commercial elements. We want our film to be a hit.

Singer and actor Raghu Kunche said – Annapurna Photo Studio content is good. When I saw the movie Pelli Choopulu, I told Yash and Raj Kandukuri to make films like Yash Raj Films together. Yash looked like an Italian actor in this movie. His character is well designed. I want this film to be a good hit.

Writer Lakshmi Bhupala said – If you see the name of Annapurna Photo Studio, you will remember the title of Sri Kanakamahalakshmi Recording Dance Troupe made by Vamsi Garu at that time. Director Chendu made a movie in the same style with the theme of Konaseema. Looking at that background and retro style, it felt refreshing. I saw this movie. I laughed a lot and enjoyed it. Don’t miss that feeling in theatres.

Heroine Lavanya said – I played a character in Vishwak’s Falaknama Das. Now he is happy to come to our film event. I know you liked our movie teaser, trailer and songs. Our producer Yash took a lot of risk for the film. The response at the premieres gave us a lot of confidence. This is a beautiful movie that will impress you.

Producer Raj Kandukuri said – Annapurna Photo Studio should have said that beautiful films will be made here. Because it is a beautiful film. Retro back drop, camera work, music are all good. Director Chendu has shown O Pitta Katha in such an interesting way and now he has directed this movie even better. Hero Chaitanya, heroines Lavanya, Mihira and Uttara are all impressive on screen. I will soon do a film with Yash.

Hero Chaitanya Rao said – On the day Annapurna Photo Studio launched, I believed that this movie will be a super hit. We still have the same belief. I am forever indebted to the producer Yash Garu and the director Chendu Garu who gave me the opportunity to be the hero in this film. Vishwak knows the pitfalls of small films. That is why he is coming and supporting our film. As long as you watch our movie, you will remember the memories of your life. We got clean U certificate from Censor. It is an enjoyable two hour film.

Director Chendu Muddu said – We have worked hard and made this film with love. This film is our two years of hard work. Yash is promoting this movie as much as possible. This is a movie that everyone from the little ones to the adults will enjoy. The feeling of watching this movie stays with you for months. Come to the theater and see.

Producer Yash Rangineni said – We have premiered our Annapurna Photo Studio movie in all areas. We also showed it to the media. Who can believe in a movie more than this? Budget wise it may be a small film but if the audience likes it then it will be a big film. We had the same experience with Pelli Choopulu. That small film brought two National Awards. It gave the industry a star like Vijay. We believe that this movie will also be a success. Thanks to all the team who worked for our film. They worked hard for a year. Thanks to Vishwak, Raghu, Chaitanya and Lakshmi Bhupal who came here as guests.

Director and writer Krishna Chaitanya said – I like Chendu’s movies. Yash has good taste as a producer. All the best to the team.

Hero Vishwak Sen said – Don’t call any movie a small movie. Call it a newcomer’s movie. If the film does well because of my coming, I will definitely come for the promotion. It gives me great satisfaction. Loved the trailer of Annapurna Photo Studio. This movie will get the success you expect. Hero Chaitanya is doing good movies now. He is acting in Tharun Bhascker’s Keelaa Coda. Director Chendu is a talented person. The entire team worked hard for this film like a family. Producer Yash will be there with dedication for the film. I wish them all the best.