I respect an actor because he has the potential to provide employment to 1,000 families, Bro happened to me during lockdown: Pawan Kalyan


People Media Factory, one of the leading production houses in Telugu cinema, is joining hands with ZEE Studios for Pawan Kalyan-Sai Dharam Tej’s Bro, written and directed by Samuthirakani. Trivikram pens the screenplay, dialogues for the film that hits screens on July 28. Ahead of its release this Friday, a grand pre-release event was organised in Hyderabad amidst scores of fans from the Telugu states, cast and crew. With exuberant music and dance performances, the event was a feast for film buffs, hinting at a blockbuster in the making.

Expressing greetings to everyone who attended the pre-release event at Shilpakala Vedika, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan said, “Only cinema has given me so much love and respect from people. Before I even came into the film industry, Brahmanandam garu had been watching since I was a small boy. Seeing this enormous love from audiences, sometimes I feel as if I am dreaming a dream. In fact, it’s not the life that I wanted to live. God has given me to make me reach my destiny. I never dreamt of becoming an actor. My words are very few. As Samuthirakani has rightly said, it is not what we take, it is what we give to society. Bro materialised in a special time when lockdown was imposed and I was not able to go into the public because of the situation outside,” he added.

The Powerstar further said that he has immense respect for actors because they provide employment to 1,000 families. “Because of one hero, so many technicians are able to get employment. They pay taxes in crores. So I individually have immense respect for them. They work so hard while bringing perfection toward their craft. And at the same time, when I do a cinema, I would like to hit a massive success at the box office. That competitiveness should be there. If films like Baahubali and RRR keep coming, Telugu pride runs into your blood, that’s the high you get in the end.”

Sai Dharam Tej said, “When Kalyan babai called me and told me about a story in which I am the main and lead and he has a key character. I could not believe what he was telling me. I didn’t agree with what he said. Later, I understood that director Samuthirakani convinced me to do the role because he wanted to make me cry. And he accomplished the task so successfully. This happened long before I met with an accident. Later, Kalyan garu assured me everything about how to go about. And we were successful in wrapping up on time. All fans would feel proud about this fantasy drama Bro.”

Director Samuthirakani said, “Taking birth in some nondescript village in Tamil Nadu, I then came to Madras in search of passion for cinema. And then I came here to stand before you all with the movie ‘Bro’. How is it possible? That’s the time. Nothing is planned, everything has happened magically. After talking to Trivikram garu over the movie, he was really excited to make it happen in Telugu. I told him the story of a businessman from Madurai who came to meet me for the movie I had made in Tamil. Trivikram was surprised about it. When I told that I want to bring this good story to people, he thought about it for a moment and asked me if it is okay for me to cast Pawan Kalyan garu. And that moment, time has smiled at me. And now I am before you because of the time. Everything happened in no time, the script is ready with changes. Cast and crew got ready. Studio and location are ready.”

TG Vishwa Prasad said, “I would like to give a small description of what time is all about. As a fan and as a software engineer, I would think watching Pawan Kalyan’s film first day first show is a great moment for me. I came closer to Kalyan garu through Nadendla Manohar. Later, I chanced upon producing the film. Samuthirkani garu has given his best in wrapping up the shoot within the stipulated time. This is what timing is. Every element in the film is so entertaining in Bro. I thank everyone who supported the project.”

Actor Varun Tej said, “Me and my brother Vaishnav Tej discussed what to speak on the stage. We forgot everything after our babai (Pawan Kalyan garu) made an entry into the event. I thank fans and supporters who attended the event. Kalyan garu is a man of few words. Since childhood, he never asked us to do this thing or become someone. He always respected our individuality and asked us to grow in life with our own talent. Kalyan babai is more of a people’s person than a member of a mega family.”

Actor Vaishnav Tej said, “I wish everyone who is part of Bro, all the very best.”

S Thaman said,” I am the luckiest person in the whole world. Because Vakeel Saab, Bheemla Nayak and now Bro. What else could I ask? I thank every technician and cast who supported the project. A special mention to producers of the film.”

Senior comedian Brahmanandam said, “I thank director Samuthirakani and producers TG Vishwa Prasad and Vivek Kuchibhotla. And the most inspiring, acting powerhouse Pawan Kalyan and cute boy Sai Dharam Tej, Varun Tej and Vaishnav Tej. I did a small character alongside the great Pawan Kalyan. I wish TG Vishwa Prasad all the very best.”

Priya Prakash Varrier explained that the moments that she spent with the Bro’s cast and crew is the best time ever in her career. “It really feels like I am spellbound because I am excited and happy. I am a bit nervous too. First of all, I would like to thank audiences for their constant support and love. I thank our director Samuthirakani sir for the opportunity to cast me in the film. I also thank People Media Factory for their love and support. I thank Sujith. My personal favourite single is ‘My dear Markandeya’. I couldn’t have asked for more as an upcoming actor working with the Powerstar. He is such a great and humble human being.”

Urvashi Rautela said that she was elated to be part of the pre-release function in the city. “Congratulations to the entire team of Bro — right from Powerstar Pawan Kalyan garu to Sai Dharam Tej. Like I and Dharam Tej were discussing, the film is a kind of his life story. I wish you all the very best.”

Ketika Sharma said she is very honoured to witness a powerhouse-like atmosphere. “I feel beyond honoured, Powerstar’s aura is something I have never seen before. I thank director Samuthirakani sir who has given me this opportunity. And gratitude to the production house which made everything go smoothly. I thank Sai Dharam Tej.”

Elated with the electric atmosphere of pre-release event, senior actress Rohini said, “So much of energy is coming from the crowd. I know how desperately you have all been waiting for Powerstar’s energy to witness. Good evening to everyone. Everytime, I see Pawan Kalyan garu gracing our films to promote them. And now I am fortunate to have closely worked with him in ‘Bro’. For a very long time I have had the dream of sharing screen space with the Powerstar, and Bro has made my dream a reality.

Yuva Lakshmi expressed happiness over sharing the stage with all glittering stars – Powerstar Pawan Kalyan and thanked Samuthirakani sir.

Popular industrialist and politician TG Venkatesh said, “I would like to first convey my wishes to all Powerstar fans, supporters and the bigwigs of the Telugu film industry. Pawan Kalyan is the only star in the entertainment industry to take the highest remuneration for his work in cinemas and also the only hero in the industry to render service to the people. I also bless my cousin TG Vishwa Prasad for producing the film Bro. I wish the entire team all the very best.”

Co-producer Vivek Kuchibhotla said, “Screenwriter and filmmaker Trivikram garu has written the story as simple as writing a Bhagavad Gita to match nursery rhymes. Samuthirakani does a fantastic job in resurrecting the story to the screen.”

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