I loved my film Baby and I knew that my Producers and Distributors will be safe: Director Sai Rajesh


Baby is a movie produced by SKN under the banner of Mass Movie Makers. This movie is directed by Sai Rajesh. Anand Devarakonda, Vaishnavi Chaitanya and Viraj Ashwin acted in this movie. This movie released on July 14 and became a blockbuster. Currently this movie is raining collections at the box office. Director Sai Rajesh spoke to the media about the successful run of the film today.

I saw photos of a girl and two boys in Salem district circulating in WhatsApp. Photos of the two boys brutally assaulting the girl were seen. The story of Baby was born when I started thinking to tell a story from her point of view and what would have happened to the girl. But I thought that the climax should not be kept like that, it will have a negative effect on the society.

Anand Devarakonda’s father is my Facebook friend. I saw Anand’s tenth class photo in it. So I fixed in my mind that Anand is my hero. At that time the movie Dorasani released and Middle Class Melodies yet to be released in OTT. I am fixated on the heroine to be a Telugu actress. This is a movie that goes with expressions. Hearing the interval block, the Telugu girls said they would not do the role and left. I met Vaishnavi through a manager. I convinced Vaishnavi and her parents.

We thought of three heroes before Anand. I thought I should not go to a hero and narrate. I will not make a film with the director who made Hrudaya kaaleyam and he didn’t even listened to the story. Those words hurt me a lot. That’s when I thought to make this Baby movie better. It was at that moment that everything about baby writing changed. I was fixated that the sounding, the writing, the visuals should be amazing. Normally, it is very difficult to make and write a movie called Hrudaya kaaleyam. I was very sad when I heard those words. Couldn’t even sleep. I wanted to prove myself with this film.

Color Photo won the National Award for the film. I am the one who gave the story to the color photo and I produced the film. But director Sandeep Raj and hero got more recognition with the film. But can I pull off a love story like this? Or? People had that suspicion.

There is no script for the movie Baby. If we are shooting a scene tomorrow and I will write today. I used to write the draft at night and send it to the team. Properties used to come till morning. As all the locations are close to each other, I shot the scenes so long. That caused problems in the edit room.

I liked the movie Baby. I am confident that my producers and distributors will be safe. There was also a fear that this film would flop. Due to the length, I had to cut the roles of Viraj and Nagababu in the middle. Even if it is a flop, the music, the camera, the actors will all get fame. I knew my career would be in risk. Even so, I took a risk.

In the bedroom scene, I put a shot of tears coming out of the eyes to symbolize that the girl is suffering. But people have a different understanding. She is not enjoying it. I mean she cries with pain in her heart.

Sukumar watched the movie yesterday. He called a while ago. He kissing on the phone. How can your write like this? When Sukumar says that my writing style will also change from now on. When a genius director like him praises me.. I am at a loss for words.

I understand that I made some mistakes with the baby. So I have mixed feelings. I am particular about music and RR. I have watched some movies ten, twenty times for RR. In the case of Baby, I did the RR in advance so I knew what the output would be like while shooting on the set itself.

I went with the bound script for Hrudaya Kaaleyam. It is an emotion driven film. Moreover it is a zero risk movie for me. It is wrong to write a scene on the sets as Megastar Chiranjeevi garu said Directors who spend a lot of money should not do this. Go with full bound script.

All the films of Vijay Bulganin till now have been flops. I used to tell everyone about Vijay’s talent and ask them to give me opportunities. But no one gave any opportunity. I wanted to get Raj Koti first for the movie Baby. But it didn’t happened due to various reasons. Vijay Bulganin does not go for any egos. No matter what I say. I knew from the beginning that this movie will have good music.

I made the film with good intentions. But people are reacting where they should not react. My film has turned into Appalaraju. Although I wanted to say that first love does not die, it is buried forever in the layers of the mind. That’s why I put the last shot like that. I have put shots where the hero and heroines are suffering from their first love.