Honeymoon Express A Romantic Entertainer


Film;HoneyMoon Express

Starring;Chaitanya Rao,Hebah Patel,Tanikella Bharani,Suhasini,

Written&Directed by; Bala Raja shakarun

Produced by; KKR & Bala Raj

Presents;NRI Entertainments

Production;New Reel Reel Entertainments

Music;Kalyan Mallik

Release date;21/6/2024


After marriage, there will be disputes between husband and wife. Honeymoon Express was made by taking real-life points.

After marriage, there will be disputes between husband and wife. ‘Honeymoon Express’ movie is directed by Bala Rajasekhar and produced by Chaitanya Rao and Hebah Patel. Presented by NRI Entertainments and produced by New Reel India Entertainments, the film will hit the theatres on June 21. Tanikella Bharani and Suhasini played the lead roles.

As for the story. Sonali (Hebah Patel) meets with a minor accident while cycling and is helped by Ishaan (Chaitanya Rao). They fall in love and get married. But Sonali is very fast, Ishaan is slow. Both don’t taste the same. This leads to problems between them. Their sex life is not good. You will meet therapists.

One day while on the road, a senior couple (Tanikella Bharani and Sonali) send them to a resort together in a game called Honeymoon Express. Who is this old couple? What is Honeymoon Express? Are your marital problems resolved? Why the gap between them? Are their lives any better? To know what happened at the resort, you have to watch the film on screen.

analysis of the film. Conflicts between husband and wife after marriage, expectations from each other, difficulties due to not being able to meet them. Honeymoon Express has been made by taking real-life points. However, even if it goes well till the time of going to the resort, the audience is left in the illusion that what happens after that is imaginary or real.

Screenplay is also a bit clunky. The romantic scenes between the hero and heroine are good. In films with such a plot, the climax is known in advance, so like all films, there will be the same husband-wife climax. Though he tried comedy with Tanikella Bharani and Suhasini, it didn’t work out. The entire story revolves around two characters.

Performances of the actors Chaitanya Rao is coming up with a series of films. He once again impressed with two variations in the film. Hebah Patel, on the other hand, impresses with her beauty. She impresses the audience with her beauty and acting skills. Tanikella Bharani and Suhasini laugh for a while. The story of the film revolves around these four characters.

Technical issues It was shot in small locations. Cinematography visuals are good. The songs are good to listen to and to watch. A new story has been written. Bala Rajasekhar is the director. Construction seems to be the same.

On the whole, Honeymoon Express has been made by taking Honeymoon Express as a romantic story of how a married couple met when there were problems between them and the distance between them increased.Honeymoon Express movie is a Romantic entertainer.