Heroine Avantika Mishra will impress in the character of Maya in the web series “Athidhi”


Avantika Mishra is the heroine who became close to the Telugu audience with films like Maya, Vaisakham and many other enjoyable films. She is playing a pivotal role in the web series “Athidhi ”. This web series will be OTT debut for Venu Thottempudi & it is coming as Disney plus Hot Star Specials. “Athidhi” web series is produced by director Bharat Vyji under the banner of Random Frames Entertainment. Famous director Praveen Sattaru is acting as the show runner. “Athidhi” will be streaming from 19th of this month on Disney Plus Hotstar. In this background, Avantika Mishra interacted with media and said about the experience of acting in “Athidhi”.

– I was introduced to the Telugu audience through Neelakanta garu’s Maya movie. After that movie, I joined a pilot course in Bangalore. After the Vaisakham movie, there were offers for two or three Telugu starrer films. But those movies got delayed due to lock down. Some stopped. That created some gap in Telugu.

– I am regularly doing movies in Tamil. After seeing some of the Tamil movies I have done, they got in touch with the character in “Athidhi”. I want to try different characters in my career. When I said that I am coming to Telugu, I wanted to look new. I got such an opportunity in the Athidhi. Because I was introduced to Telugu. I always want to earn a place in the hearts of the Telugu audience.

– I have done a character named Maya in this web series. Maya looks like a beautiful girl. After that I will appear as a ghost. She is a mysterious woman. But you have seen the trailer only a certain percentage. My character has many different shades.

– When I went to Praveen Sattaru’s office for the Athidhi web series and heard the story, I felt it was a very gripping and powerful story. Praveen Sattaru designed this series very well. It combines thriller, fantasy and horror genres. All this creates interest in what will happen next in the story. There will be unexpected twists and turns for the audience. Horror content is less in Telugu. It is a challenging character for me because I don’t want to be routine as an actress.

– Acting with Venu garu gave a good experience. I was able to perform better with his advice. You all know how good his humor is as an actor. He is a good personality. They are very supportive with the costars.

– I changed my body language to become Maya’s character. I am very hyper active outside. Maya is very calm. Emotions are all hidden in the mind. I am opposite to this character in real life. But when I came to the set, I tried to be like Maya’s character.

– Athidhi web series cannot be compared with scripts like Arundhati and Chandramukhi. This is a different script. A story like this needs good casting. Such a casting happened to the guest. I want to do both films and web series as an actress. Now entertainment formats have changed. My attempt is to reach all types of audience.

– Today’s audience wants a lot of novelty. Along with such novelty there are surprising elements in the Athidhi. Director Bharat YG is a talented person. He works on the sets calmly. I call him Buddha. I have been asked many times how they manage to write such dark content. Bharat will get good recognition with this series.

– Currently I am doing another web series called Golisoda. Also, three Tamil films that I have done are getting ready for release.