Happy Ending Entertaining Trailer launched in a grand event


Yash Puri, who made a mark with his performances in ZEE5’s web film Alanti Sitralu, the comedy Cheppalani Undhi and the recently released epic drama Shaakuntalam is gearing up for the release of another film Happy Ending. This light-hearted coming of age tale, directed by Kowshik Bheemidi has god good buzz with the interesting promotional content. Apoorva Rao is cast as the female lead. Yogesh Kumar, Sanjay Reddy, Anil Pallala are bankrolling the film under Hamstech Films and Silly Monks Studios.. Today the trailer of this movie was unveiled by successful director Venu Udugula. On this occasion,

Director Venu Udugula said – “Happy Ending” movie trailer looks like a new age entertainer. Made with a classic approach. Both the hero and heroine performed well. The songs are looking good. This movie will bring good name to the director Kaushik. Writer Nagasai is well known to me. He is working with me from a long time. Like Vicky Donor in Bollywood, I wish “Happy Ending” a good success in Telugu.

Editing Pradeep said – I have been in this team since the beginning while everyone working on the script of “Happy Ending”. Director Kaushik has shot this movie with perfect scene cuts. He made our work as an editor easy. Audience will connect with the movie “Happy Ending”. All our actors have acted well. I would like to thank the production houses who cast me in this film.

Music Director Ravi Nidamarthi said – “Happy Ending” movie songs are good, that credit goes to director Kaushik. His inputs and music taste helped me to make good songs. Terrific and talented casting has been selected. Kaushik and Apoorva’s characters will be memorable even after the completion of the film. Amazing technicians worked for the film. I would like to thank the producers director for believing in a debut music director like me.

Cinematographer Ashok Seepalli said – Almost all the people who worked for the movie “Happy Ending” are debutants. We have made a good movie that you all will like. I want people to see it in theaters and appreciate it.

Producer Anil Pallala said – “Happy Ending” is a coming age entertainer. Young and talented team worked for the film. You can see that energy on this stage. Sound, visual, making every aspect of this movie feels new to you. You may see some adult content in the trailer. But if you watch the movie, you will know why. We still cannot talk about sex openly in our country. But we should talk about it openly. We are happy with the output of the film. We hope you will feel happy watching the movie on February 2nd in theatres.

Hero Yash Puri said – “Happy Ending” is my second film as a hero. From my first movie, friends, family, my hams tech students and media friends have been supporting me a lot. If you all watch the trailer of Happy Ending you may feel that there is a bit of adult content. But I hope we will get U certificate after censor. You can watch our movie with your family and friends. Harsh has some superstitions in this movie. I don’t believe in such things. Thanks to Asian Films, Shreyas Media and our PR team. This is not a small film but a good film. If you have good content, you will surely win audience hearts. Editor, cinematographer, music director and director were the four pillars of the movie “Happy Ending”. After the release of the movie, credit should be given to them. You all should watch our movie and spread the word.

Director Kaushik Bhimidi said – “Happy Ending” is an honest attempt. Even if there is no star casting, even if it is not a huge project”Happy Ending” will satisfy the audience who goes to theaters to watch a good movie. All those who are passionate about cinema have invested time and hard work and made this movie. I like mythology. While reading Mahabharata there are many curses in it. This is a movie made with a modern approach with the concept of what it would be like to have a curse on the hero. We wish to entertain you with the movie “Happy Ending”.

Heroine Apoorva Rao said – This is a story about a boy with a “happy ending”. Things that we see normally scare this boy. He also meets a girl. She becomes his girlfriend. The story of this movie is how he continued his love with that girl amidst these fears. I think the trailer has created a lot of curiosity in you. There is no bold performance because the story itself is bold. I think you all will enjoy the movie as much as we enjoyed making it.

Cast – Ajay Ghosh, Vishnu, Jhansi, Anita Chaudhary, Harsh Roshan, Jiya Sharma, Vamsi Nekkanti, KMM Mani, Kamal Tumu, Shweta etc.

Technical team

Music – Ravi Nidamarthi
Cinematography- Ashok Seepalli
Editor – Pradeep R Moram
Screenplay – Nagasai
Line Producer – Prasad Billakurthy
PRO – GSK Media
Executive Producer – Kiran Ramanujam
Producers – Yogesh Kumar, Sanjay Reddy, Anil Pallala
Story & direction – Kaushik Bhimidi