Geethanjali Malli Vachindi should be a big hit – Hero Sree Vishnu at the teaser launch event


The horror entertainer ‘Geethanjali Malli Vachindhi,’ starring the captivating beauty Anjali in the titular role, marks the sequel to the 2014 low-budget blockbuster ‘Geethanjali.’ Kona Venkat is producing the film under the banners of Kona Film Corporation and MVV Cinemas, with Siva Turlapati directing. The film is slated for release on March 22. In anticipation, the movie’s teaser was released on Saturday, with Director Buchi Babu, Bobby, Gopichand Malineni, and hero Sree Vishnu gracing the teaser launch event as chief guests.

Hero Sri Vishnu shared, “I have been collaborating with Kona Venkat since last year and am excited about our upcoming film. He places a strong emphasis on the story, without rushing. I hope this movie achieves great success. I extend my best wishes to the entire film team and hope the director earns a good reputation. I eagerly await making the audience laugh and scaring them in theaters on March 22, ensuring a successful box office run. Anjali’s accomplishment of acting in fifty films is no small feat. It’s a matter of pride for a Telugu girl to have achieved such success. I wish her continued success, with another hundred or 150 films. I also have high hopes for Nandu and Bhanu to become top writers. With ‘Om Bheem Bush’ also releasing on March 22, I wish all films great box office success.”

Anjali expressed, “This film is very special to me. ‘Geethanjali’ was my first lead role, and ‘Geethanjali Malli Vachindhi’ marks my 50th film, a significant milestone in my career. This sequel promises even more laughs and scares double this time, making for a delightful theater experience. I am thrilled to reach the 50-movie milestone. I foresee a bright future for Director Siva and am grateful to everyone involved in the film, including Srinivasa Reddy, Rajesh, Ali, Shakalaka Shankar, Avinash, and Rahul. The entire team has put in tremendous effort. Sidhu’s visuals are stunning, and Praveen Lakkaraju’s music complements the film beautifully. Nandu and Bhanu’s writing stands out. Kona Garu played a crucial role in bringing this project to life, even a decade later. Although it took time to perfect the story, we managed to complete the shooting swiftly. I appreciate Directors Bobby and Gopichand, as well as Sree Vishnu, for their support, especially with his film also releasing. I hope both our films achieve great success. ‘Geethanjali Malli Vachindhi’ releasing on March 22, and I invite everyone to watch and enjoy the movie.”

Kona Venkat said, “This is Anjali’s 50th film, which is very special for her. ‘Geethanjali,’ which came out ten years ago, was a trendsetter and became a hit in all languages. With a budget of 3.5 crores, ‘Geethanjali’ was successful across languages. Music director Pravin Lakkaraju and lyricist Sreejo were introduced to the industry through ‘Gitanjali.’ A successful movie introduces many talents to the industry. It took ten years to bring ‘Geethanjali’ back to the screen. We had a concept four years ago, but it took this long to develop it fully. Thanks to Nandu and Bhanu, the film has reached the level it is at today. Technicians must be passionate; newcomers have that passion. Bobby and Gopi, who are here today, still have that hunger. Nandu and Bhanu are also driven. ‘Geethanjali’ started with Srinivas Reddy, who introduced director Raj Kiran to me. I transformed the horror story into a horror comedy. Srinu was instrumental in creating ‘Geethanjali.’ Anjali joined the film for a one-day shoot. Ali’s role in this film is going to be extraordinary. Every character in this movie connects with the audience. DOP Sujatha Siddharth’s visuals are impressive. We brought Shiva Turlapati from America along with many others like Praveen and Sreejo. This movie should earn a good reputation for Shiva. Sree Vishnu’s ‘Om Bheem Bush’ is releasing on March 22, the same day as our film. Thanks to Sree Vishnu for attending our event. It’s because of people like him that the industry thrives. I urge all the audience to watch our film and support it.”

Director Siva Turlapati shared, “I began my career as a background dancer in the movie ‘Badri’ and went to America in between. I returned to the film industry thanks to Kona Venkat. I’ve done choreography for every film he has worked on. He encouraged me to direct this story as my first project, in line with Kona’s style of movies. Working with such a vast cast was a pleasure, and all the actors supported me. I am satisfied that I have made a good film. Praveen Lakkaraju provided a wonderful score, and Sreejo penned great lyrics. I will always be indebted to Kona. Thanks to Mr. Vishnu came to support our film.”

Buchibabu Sana said, “Kona Venkat was talking about this event and mentioned that the venue is a graveyard. I got scared. After that, he didn’t pick up the phone. Then, he left a voice message saying the venue had been changed. If Kona Venkat’s name is associated with a film, it elevates the project to another level. The dialogues he writes are something we take home with us. They are very logical. Ten years ago, we laughed and were frightened by ‘Geethanjali.’ Now, they are coming back. All the best to the film team.”

Director Bobby said, “I watch Anjali’s films. The way she spoke at the press meet was shocking. Nandu and Bhanu assist me with my script and dialogues. They contributed words and script for this movie as well. Being a friend and a writer alongside Kona Venkat is very easy. If he is producing a film, it can be said that Shiva is already a success. Kona Venkat thinks about the movie 24 hours a day. Shiva should earn a good reputation as a director. Everyone involved in the film should receive acclaim. Sri Vishnu’s movie is also releasing on March 22. Nevertheless, they came to support this film. All the best to the film team.”

Gopichand Malineni said, “Kona Venkat is my closest friend in the industry. At the beginning of our careers, he guided us. Many technicians were introduced through the ‘Geethanjali’ movie. This movie should also be as big a hit as those movies. Anjali is the quintessential Telugu girl. Making 50 good films is no small feat. The director deserves recognition. I laughed a lot at ‘Samajavaragamana.’ Nandu and Bhanu wrote the dialogues for that, as well as for this film. I hope this film becomes a massive hit.”

Satyam Rajesh said, “Kona Venkat worked very hard on this film. We had a great time shooting. Kona Venkat took excellent care of us all. I have had a long-standing relationship with Srinivasa Reddy. Anjali is like a family member to me, always there for us. Director Shiva has many more scripts in store. Our film is releasing on March 22. Everyone should watch it.

Srinivas Reddy said, Geethanjali Malli Vachindhi releasing on March 22. The audience should watch our film and make it successful. We hope that both Sree Vishnu Gari’s ‘Om Bheem Bush’ and our movie’s success happens simultaneously. Shooting the movie was fun. Kona Venkat boosted our spirits by making this sequel after ten years.”