Game On Offers Realistic Cinematic Experience: Director Dayanandh


Geetanand and Neha Solanki will be seen in meaty roles in the upcoming action thriller ‘Game On’, produced by Ravi Kasturi under the banner of Kasturi Creations and Golden Wings Productions, Presented by Sakshi Ravi (Sai Lakshmi Talari). Dayanandh has wielded the megaphone. The film is all set for a grand release on February 2nd. The film created solid buzz with the promotional content. Today director Dayanandh interacted with media about the film and shared intriguing insights.

“I developed an interest in movies during my school days, and it intensified after watching films like Happy Days and Yem Maaya Chesaave. Inspired by Puri Jagannath, I aspired to become a director. After creating some short films, I pursued a six-months course at Annapurna Film School, delving into production and sound. Traveling with writers fueled my desire to craft a compelling story.

Diverging from conventional commercial cinema, I aimed to be distinct from my debut. Cinematically, we portray how a person’s life transforms when a game becomes part of it. Progressing through nine tasks, the second half of the film promises intriguing challenges. The central theme explores how this game aids someone who has undergone trauma.

Maintaining a raw and rustic feel, the film resonates with the youth while delving into profound family emotions. Teasers and trailers concealed many facets, including Madhubala’s iconic character and Aditya Menon’s portrayal of a psychological doctor. Shubhalekha Sudhakar assumes another significant role, contributing to the film’s richness. Neha Solanki’s character adds a masculine touch, featuring unexpected surprises akin to a second hero.

Producer Ravi Kasturi embraced the script and granted me creative freedom, offering unwavering support. Confidence grew after the initial schedule, prompting an increased budget for an enhanced cinematic experience. Game On is inherently realistic, promising a must-watch experience for all. Despite a potential limited release initially, positive previews anticipate the film’s gradual growth in theaters. Early responses suggest it caters to a broad audience, providing a captivating watch for families without a dull moment.”

The film’s unique narrative and diverse characters make it a compelling watch for cinephiles. Don’t miss the immersive and realistic experience it brings to the screen.


Geetanand, Neha Solanki, Aditya Menon, Madhubala, Vasanthi, Kiriti, Shubhalekha Sudhakar and others


Music director: Abishek AR
Songs: Nawab Gang, Ashwin-Arun; Cinematography: Aravind Vishwanathan; Script Supervisor: Vijay Kumar CH; Editor: Vamsi Atluri; Arth Vithal; Action Choreography: Ramakrishna, Naba Stunts; Styling: Dayanandh; PRO: GK Media; Dance Choreography: Moin; Producer: Ravi Kasturi; Story-Screenplay-Dialogues-Direction: Dayanandh.

Kumar Swamy PRO [Boxoffice]