from Ram Gopal Varma on his unique concept of “YOUR FILM”


About 150 films are released in each language every year and 90% of them FAIL. That is because the audience did not like the story or the cast or various other creative aspects which were decided by the film makers.

This proves that 90% of the time filmmakers do not know what the audience wants SO, WHO KNOWS ?

The only one who knows what they want in a film is the AUDIENCE. That is because it is the audience which decides whether a film is a HIT or a FLOP.

“YOUR FILM” concept is derived form the realization of the above truth. So for the first time in the entire film history of the world RGV DEN is initiating a project where only the ticket buying audience decide on every major creative aspect of a film which will include the


The other crew members being technical will be chosen by the SELECTED DIRECTOR from professionals in the industry

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