First Dialogue Poster First look Unveiled for “Lakshmi Kataaksham: For Vote” – A Satirical Take on Politics


In a cinematic landscape where political satire is scarce, Mahathi Entertainment proudly presents “Lakshmi Kataaksham: For Vote,” a film set to revolutionize Telugu cinema with its witty commentary on contemporary politics. Written and directed by the talented Surya and produced by U. Srinivasula Reddy, this groundbreaking project promises to entertain and provoke thought in equal measure.

The recently unveiled dialogue poster, for the first time in the Telugu cinema offers a glimpse into the film’s unique premise: while politicians typically determine the price per vote, “Lakshmi Kataaksham” humorously flips the script, empowering voters to set their own rates. This refreshing approach to satire has garnered widespread acclaim, resonating with diverse audiences eager for fresh perspectives on political discourse.

Starring esteemed actor Dialogue King Sai Kumar in a pivotal role, alongside Vinay, Arun, Deepti Varma, Charisma Srikar, Hari Prasad, Sai Kiran, and Amani, the film boasts a talented ensemble cast poised to deliver compelling performances.

Shot entirely in Taadipatri, “Lakshmi Kataaksham” transports viewers to a vibrant world where satire meets social commentary. With a promise of laughter and introspection, the film’s creators anticipate a warm reception from audiences eagerly awaiting its release.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of the teaser and trailer, promising more glimpses into the irreverent world of “Lakshmi Kataaksham: For Vote.”

– Sai Kumar
– Vinay panigrahi
– Arun
– Deepti Varma
– Charisma Srikar
– Hari Prasad
– Sai Kiran yedida
– Amani

Technical Team:
– Banner: Mahathi Entertainment
– Producers: U. Srinivasula Reddy, B. Nageswara Reddy, Waheed Sheikh, K. Purushottam Reddy
– Written & Directed by: Surya
– Music: Abhishek Rufus
– Director of Photography: Nani Ainavelli
– Editor: Pradeep J
– Sound Design: Muralidhar Raju
– Production Executive: R. Ranganathbabu
– PRO: Eluru Srinu, Dheeraj-Prasad

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Eluru Sreeni