Family audience will definitely celebrate our “Family Star” – team at pre-release press meet


Star hero Vijay Deverakonda’s movie “Family Star” is gearing up for a grand theatrical release in four days. Today, the pre-release press meet for this movie was held in Hyderabad. Hero Vijay Devarakonda, producer Dil Raju, and heroine Mrunal Thakur participated in this program, where the highlights of “Family Star” were shared.

Producer Dil Raju stated, “Every aspect of the ‘Family Star’ movie looks positive. You’ve seen the songs and the trailer, and you liked them. That’s why you also see that happiness. When Parasuram narrated this story, its point excited me. After developing the story, we were all impressed. Vijay and Parasuram have previously made a blockbuster like ‘Geetha Govindam.’ We believe this movie will also be successful in their combination. Vijay’s characterization is like the backbone of ‘Family Star.’ Vijay laughs, cries, fights, thinks for his family, loves a girl, hates her, romances… all these shades are present in the hero’s character. It can be said that Vijay has done a 360-degree character in this movie. It’s not only a family story but also a love story—30 percent family story, 70 percent love story. When ‘Shatamanam Bhavati’ was released, the youth audience said it was like a serial. But the families enjoyed it immensely. When the movie is released, there are different kinds of reactions. But ultimately, the box office result is what matters. No movie is liked by 100% of the audience. There will always be faultfinders. Even if 75 out of 100 audience members say they liked the movie, we will consider ourselves to have passed in the first class. I check every occasion from the time of making to the theatrical release. Mrunal is a lucky heroine. After the success of ‘Sita Ramam,’ ‘Hi Nanna,’ she is going to get a hat trick with ‘Family Star.’ Director Parasuram is working hard for this movie. Even now, he is doing dubbing and mixing works. Parasuram is eager to make the film he is doing with Vijay in our company a success. The technical team that worked for this movie was also very involved. Cinematographer KU Mohanan, Editor Marthand Venkatesh, Art Director AS Prakash, Music Director Gopisundar… they all gave their best. Many family entertainers have come from our organization. I have not lost my aim in the matter of family entertainers. Only one ‘Srinivasa Kalyanam’ movie did not get the expected results. In our Indian culture, family means we are inseparable. There are many people who stand by such a family and bring it to development. The purpose of this movie is to say that all such people are family stars. Unlike in America, where we leave children at sixteen to their own devices, two or three generations stay together. Those family values are seen in this movie. April 5th is very special for me. On that day, with the release of the movie ‘Dil,’ I became Dil Raju from Raju. Since then, till the previous film ‘Balagam,’ you and the audience have been very supportive. That support should continue. We are organizing a get-together of media friends with their family members. Also, we are arranging a ‘Family Star’ Special Show for families of media friends. Vijay is energetically singing and dancing as part of the film’s promotion. Moreover, there is no idea of acting on screen. There will be a huge Pan-India movie in our company with Vijay as the hero. The script is ready for it. Pre-production work takes time. After all that is done, we will definitely take the movie to the sets. Vijay is a hero who thinks about producers. That’s why we are going to do two more films with him,” he said.

Heroine Mrunal Thakur said, “While working on ‘Sita Ramam,’ I never thought that I would have such a great career in the Telugu film industry. After ‘Sita Ramam,’ I got a good script like ‘Hi Nanna.’ After these two films, I wanted the films to be special. Such a special script was narrated by Parasuram. There is a beautiful story between Govardhan, Indu, Bamma, and other characters. Our life is like half a hand. Like our fingers, life also has its ups and downs. Sometimes our professional life is very good, but there are problems in personal life. You will relate to all the emotions, relationships, achievements, and struggles in our lives in this movie. There is always someone in the family who anchors us and leads us forward. ‘Family Star’ is an attempt to remember such people. When I signed this film, I told my father that I am doing this film for you. I would like to thank the director, Parasuram, for giving me a chance in such a good film. I was afraid whether I could play this character or not. But Vijay was very supportive. Also, Dil Raju gave big support to all of us. Thanks to the entire cast and crew of ‘Family Star.’ Also, thank you to my family. Acting is my passion. I only do roles and movies where I can see myself. I think my movies should speak for me, not me. I hope you all enjoy watching ‘Family Star.’ Thank you for accepting me as your Telugu girl.”

Hero Vijay Deverakonda said, “There is one person in the family who dares to stand by us no matter what difficulties we face. He is the family star. My father is the family star in our family. When director Parasuram narrated this story, he inspired by his life experiences. While listening to the story, I remembered my father. I remembered his quest for the family. That’s why I told him to name the hero character Govardhan in this movie. Because after giving that name, it becomes easy to express emotions. He remembers how he used to work for the family. ‘Family Star’ is releasing on April 5. April 8 is my father’s birthday. I hope he will be proud of this film. On April 5, Raju Garu became Dil Raju. This April 5 date should also be special in his career. I don’t think about what genre of film to make next. From the stories told by the directors who approach me, we select what we think is good. We worked for 9 months for ‘Family Star.’ A year before that, the director said a single line. I liked it when I heard it. But I asked them not to prepare the full script. Raju garu sent me a check when I was having trouble with money during the lockdown. He wanted to make a film with me. Raju garu told me that the line said by Parasuram was good, but I will do it after the full script is ready. He came with Parasuram after a few days with the full script. At this time, I have to say thanks to director Gautham and Sitara company. The movie has started in our combo. But it is a big-scale movie. They said that it would be fine if they told Gautham and Sitara that they want to finish the shooting of ‘Family Star’ in 80 days and release it on Sankranti. What was supposed to be 80 days turned into 110, 120 days. We could not come to Sankranti. But it was good. We think April 5 is the perfect date. They should like my life partner girl in my house. I have to make sure that I like it. I went to the audition of the movie ‘Kerintha’ under the banner of Raju Garu. Not selected. I wanted to prove myself to all those who had rejected me in auditions. Now, making a film in SVC banner with Raju garu is so special. We are all happy after giving him a big hit with this movie. This movie has no comparison with ‘Geetha Govindam.’ If you look at ‘Geetha Govindam,’ you will see how much I have matured as an actor and Parasuram as a director. Until the film ‘Kushi,’ the remuneration I took as a hero was very low. Just think of standing as a hero. Never looked for money. But in the time of COVID, my staff’s salaries and maintenance all got in trouble. Since then, we have fixed the fee according to our market value. I will give the credit to Parasuram if I get good name for this film. He is a unique writer. Govardhan character has written superbly. I wish you all enjoy watching ‘Family Star’ in theaters.”

The movie “Family Star” is produced by star producers Dil Raju and Shirish under the banner of the prestigious production company Sri Venkateswara Creations. Successful director Parasuram Petla made it as a wholesome entertainer. Vasu Varma is acting as the creative producer of the movie “Family Star”. The film is getting a grand theatrical release on 5th April in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages.

Actors: Vijay Devarakonda, Mrunal Thakur and others

Technical team
Cinematography : KU Mohanan
Music : Gopisunder
Art Director : AS Prakash
Editor : Marthand K Venkatesh
PRO : GSK Media
Creative Producer : Vasu Varma
Producers : Raju – Sirish
Written and directed by Parasuram Petla