Devakatta launches ‘Paala Pittalle Prema vaale’ lyrical from Chaitanya Rao’s “Sharathulu Varthisthayi”


“Sharathulu Varthisthayi,” starring Chaitanya Rao and Bhoomi Shetty, is directed by Kumaraswamy (Akshara) and produced by Nagarjuna Samala, Srish Kumar Gunda, and Dr. Krishnakanth Chittajallu under the banner of Star Light Studios. The movie is gearing up for a theatrical release soon. Today, director Devakatta released the lyrical song ‘Paala Pittalle Prema vaale’ from this movie.

On this occasion, Director Devakatta said, “I am happy to release the lyrical song ‘Paala Pittalle Prema vaale’ from the movie ‘Sharathulu Varthisthayi.’ Chaitanya is my favorite actor, and the teaser and marriage song released so far from this movie are getting a good response. Looking at this content, it is understood to be a good rooted movie. ‘Sharathulu Varthisthayi’ seems like a silent release but could be a big success movie. All the best to the team of this film.”

Hero Chaitanya Rao expressed gratitude, stating, “Even though Devakatta garu was very busy, he agreed to release our song when we asked. Our whole team thanks him. Devakatta garu is our director Kumaraswamy’s favorite director. We wanted to launch our second song with him. My favorite movie is ‘Sharathulu Varthisthayi.’ Like Devakatta Garu said, we are going to hit the theaters silently and achieve grand success. The lyrics in the song ‘Paala Pittalle Prema vaale..’ are powerful. Even though the words we speak, there is a little philosophy in the song. Pay attention while listening to this song. Arun Chiluveru has composed it beautifully, providing a catchy tune. Mallegoda Gangaprasad has given beautiful lyrics. If you listen to this song, you will like it.”

Director Kumaraswamy expressed his appreciation, saying, “Devakatta garu is not only my favorite director but also like a guru to me. I watch the movie Prasthanam again and again to get excited. Even though Devakatta garu is busy, I thank him for giving us the time to launch the song of our movie. We have made this song in a western-style tune with Telangana lyrics. All of you will love this song and must watch it.”

Lyricist Mallegoda Gangaprasad added, “The dialogues written by Deva Katta garu are simple and tell a great philosophy. I also tried to write this song with the suggestion of our director Kumaraswamy so as to convey a big love philosophy with small words. I would like to thank our director and Deva Katta who released the song along with the hero for giving us the opportunity to write this song.”

The song ‘Paala Pittalle Prema vaale..’ was shot as a beautiful love song between the hero and heroine. Mallegoda Gangaprasad has given the lyrics for this song, and Arun Chiluveru has composed the music. Sung by Haricharan and Bhargavi Pillai, the song aims to impress by conveying love feelings.

*Cast:* Chaitanya Rao, Bhoomi Shetty, Nanda Kishore, Santhosh Yadav, Devaraj Palamuru, Padmavati, Venky Monkey, Shiva Kalyan, Mallesh Balast, Seetha Mahalakshmi, Peddinti Ashok Kumar, Sujatha, etc.

*Technical Team:*
– Art Director: Gandhi Nadikudikar
– Editing: CH Vamsi Krishna, Gajjala Rakshit Kumar
– Cinematography: Praveen Vanamali, Shekhar Pochampally
– Background Music: Prince Henry
– Music: Arun Chiluveru, Saresh Bobbili (Twelve Gunjala)
– Dialogues: Peddinti Ashok Kumar
– Executive Producers: Rajesh Swarna, Sampath Bhimari, Aswatthama
– PRO: GSK Media
– Banner: Star Light Studios Pvt
– Producers: Srilatha, Nagarjuna Samala, Sharada, Srish Kumar Gunda, Vijaya, Dr. Krishnakanth Chittajallu
– Written Direction: Kumaraswamy (Akshara)