“Dayaa” season 1 getting overwhelming respone and season 2 will be shot in a very big span – director Pavan Sadhineni


Dayaa web series that has recently become the talk of the town. This web series is streaming on Disney+ Hot Star. JD Chakravarthy, Eesha Rebba, Ramya Nambessan, Kamal Kamaraj and others played key roles in this web series produced by Srikanth Mohta and Mahendra Soni in SVF Productions. Beginning to Ending Daya web series is interestingly made by director Pavan Sadhineni. The talented director shared his happiness with media. Pavan Sadhineni said

– The response to Dayaa’s web series is overwhelming. People have been watching our web series since the start of streaming and it felt like watching the first show of the movie on the first day. We are getting good response from everyone. In the recent tour, the audience are receiving well in every area. People calling the JD as Dayaa. Many calls and messages are coming from the industry. I wrote the story of Dayaa inspired from the Bengali web series Tak Dheer. But Tak Dheer does not have such a broad story. Reporter, Daya’s assistant, etc..there will not be so many characters. From that web series, I have selected only the topic of ambulance driver finding a dead body. Everything else is written by me.

– It was a hot star decision to select JD Chakravarthy for the character of Dayaa. But as he is an actor as well as a director, I wonder where he will be involved in this story. I thought to say no to this web series. After talking on the phone, he understood the series and what I was going to do. A director’s vision can be understood by JD’s experience. I sent the story, he said okay without reading it.

– All you have seen in Dayaa series is only a glimpse. Dayaa and Alivelu were seen as main characters. The original story and twists will be in the second season. When this series started we did it with very few resources. If it clicks, we hope that investments will increase and the second season will be grand. As we expected the first part was a big hit. We are going to make the second season even more interesting in a bigger span.

– Even if the story of this web series was made into a movie, it would not have been possible to screen it in such detail and with so many characters. As a web series there is creative freedom. No scene was set anywhere unnecessarily. All are used to express the intensity of the story. Some scenes are said to be difficult, but they are only meant to show the pain and struggle of the characters. No one feels any trouble while watching the series in flow.

– Dayaa season 1 will have a season 2 in double scale. The entire script is ready. Once everything is done, we will immediately take it to the sets. From now on I will also do web series along with movies. I have made an agreement for a film in Geetha Arts. The film will have a big cast. That might be my dream project. I am waiting for the cast and crew dates that I want in that movie. Meanwhile Daya got an offer. Aravind garu told that we have time for our film till April and I will get it done before then.