Commitment movie review


Commitment is a Telugu movie starring Tejaswi Madiwada and Anveshi Jain in lead roles. Lakshmikanth Chenna is the film’s director.Naresh Kumaran composed the film’s score, and Sajeesh Rajendran and Naresh Rana shot and edited it. The film was released the other day and check out the film’s review here.

The performances of the actors is impressive. Weaved around the MeToo segment, the film is impressive in many ways. The film has got an elite focal point of the film. The hotness in the greater part of the successions is expected to speak to a big audiences. The film’s director leaves his mark with the execution.

While the film’s focal reason is fascinating, the adolescent way in which it is introduced on screen is highly impressive. Assuming more consideration had been taken with the content, the film would have been perfect. Still, the film packs a punch.

While Tejaswi Madivada makes a nice showing in the film, the other actors are also impressive. Ramya Pasupuleti is to a great extent squandered. The film’s female leads are good. The skin-show element is one of the highlights of the film. Tejaswi has given her best and the performance is highly impressive. The supporting cast, including Raja Ravindra and Amit Tiwari, likewise played out an incredible work.

The film’s specialized quality is simply really good. Naresh Kumaran’s music structures are acceptable. Sajeesh Rajendran and Naresh Rana’s cinematography leaves the special mark regarding assumptions. The film’s creation quality is great, and apparently many corners were cut during creation.

In spite of a captivating reason, the director Lakshmikanth Chenna’s film was not generally welcomed. To summarize, the subset of moviegoers that appreciate express scenes will live it up with Commitment. On the whole, the film has an impressive story line that keeps the audiences engaged. Do not miss it.

Plus Points:
Story Line

Minus Points:
Few lags;Rating: 3/5