BhoothaddamBhaskarNarayana Movie Review


Mythological stories are very popular. Everyone knows how much success’ Virupaksha ‘has achieved recently. If a detective plot is added to such a mythological story, then the thrill of the audience is different. ‘Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya ‘, which came in a similar genre in the past, has entertained the audience. Siva Kandukuri, who has been entertaining by choosing different stories from the beginning, has also come to the audience today with an edge-of-the-seat thriller film like ‘Bhoothadham Bhaskar Narayana’. Let’s see how this film is.

Story: A series of murders in the border area of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh causes a stir. A psycho killer cuts off a woman’s head and replaces it with an effigy. Police are calling the case a homicide. Local detective Bhaskar Narayana (Shiva Kandukuri) enters the field to catch this psycho killer. Are you still working on this case? What’s the connection between these cases? What is the truth in this case? ? That’s the story.
Story.. Narrative Analysis: The main feature of thriller stories is to keep the suspense interesting till the end. ‘Bhoothadham Bhaskar Narayana ‘scores well in this regard. It’s perfectly fine to link a crime thriller with mythology and link it to the Dishtimoto murders. There are no such films in Telugu. The director who started with the Hero Childwood episode made the audience connect with the character. Love and emotions go hand in hand. However, after the serial killings come to the fore, the story moves on with a lot of excitement. Who is the serial killer?The director maintained the suspense till the end. The second half is more entertaining for the audience. The mythological angle written by the director worked out well. This gave a new twist to the story. The director has managed to keep the suspense till the end.

Shiva Kandukuri and Bhaskar Narayana are in the lead roles. Detective is shown in black and black, in which it is natural to give a local touch to the character. It made me more connected to the character. His performance is very impressive. He did well in acting. Raashi Singh plays the role of a reporter Lakshmi. The rest of the actors were good for the story.

Technically, Sricharan Pakala’s background music is a big asset to the film. He lifted the thrilling mood very well. A rural touch was also seen in his music. The camerawork is rich. The cost incurred by the producers was visible on the screen. The VFX output is good. There is something new in the director’s story. There is no doubt that the audience who like thrillers will like ‘Bhoothadham Bhaskar Narayana’. It’s a fun film to watch this weekend. Go and watch it.;Rating: 3 / 5