‘Bedurulanka 2012’ will entertain the audience for two and a half hours: Hero Kartikeya


‘Bedurulanka 2012’ stars the talented Kartikeya Gummakonda in the leading role. He is joined by Neha Sshetty of ‘DJ Tillu’ fame. Loukya Entertainments Ravindra Benerjee Muppaneni (Benny) has produced this dramedy, which is presented by C Yuvaraju. Clax is its debutant director.

Actor Kartikeya today interacted with the media ahead of the film’s release on Friday (August 25).

Here are the highlights from the interview:

What do you remember about the year 2012 in your personal life?

I was a college-goer at that time. I did hear about the myth that the world would come to an end that year. Hollywood movies also came out with a couple of movies touching up the myth.

How have you changed as a person since 2012?

I have become more mature in my thinking. Back then, I used to believe that I knew everything. I have since realized that we know nothing. At a younger age, we would be childish in some ways. With age, we become mellowed and thoughtful.

How did ‘Bedurulanka 2012’ happen to you? What is the story like?

I got to know Clax through my ‘RX 100’ director Ajay Bhupathi. Both of them were colleagues during their stint with Ram Gopal Varma. Clax pitched the story of this movie during the pandemic. At that time, doomsday scenarios flashed everywhere. So, I could connect with the concept of ‘Yugantham’ in the story of ‘Bedurulanka 2012’ more easily. The audience’s tastes have changed. This story is both novel and entertaining.

How has Clax executed the story?

I didn’t visualize the story when I heard the script. While listening to a commercial story, visuals usually flash in the actor’s mind. There is no reference to the story of ‘Bedurulanka 2012’. That’s why I couldn’t visualize it. I am very happy with how the story has shaped up. There is both fun and a message. There are scenes and dialogues that will make the audience think. I believe there will be a small change in their thinking after this movie. The comedy is situational and organic for 2.5 hours.

Your name in the movie is Siva Sankara Varaprasad, which is Chiranjeevi’s real name. Was it you who suggested it to the director?

The character’s name in the movie is Siva. In a scene, he has to say this: ‘The Siva Show Begins’. We felt that the impact was lost, as the name ‘Siva’ is too short. Someone on the set said it would be better if we used ‘Siva Shankar’. Then the name of Siva Sankara Varaprasad came to us.

What is your character like in the movie?

Siva is a free-spirited being. He lives life as he likes. He quits his job as a Graphic Designer in the city and moves to the village where the story takes place. He doesn’t really care about what others think of him and how they judge him. Also, he doesn’t bother anyone. He minds his own business. He doesn’t do anything that he doesn’t strongly believe in.

Ram Charan has released the trailer. What did he tell you?

He really loved the trailer. He said that the music is very good. He also liked the shot-making and pairing with Neha Sshetty. He also said a few other nice things. He also noticed the Siva Sankara Varaprasad reference that comes in the trailer.

What are the scenes between you and Neha Sshetty like?

The heroine will be seen as the daughter of the village president, and she knows only the world of Bedurulanka. Unlike my character, she is not from an urban background. She has been in love with Siva. He once confesses love to her in the presence of many, making her nervous. The scenes between the lead pair are appropriate and cute. The chemistry between us has worked out very well.

Neha Sshetty was made popular by last year’s ‘DJ Tillu’. Were you skeptical whether she will be apt to play a village belle’s role?

We were scared initially but we knew Neha Sshetty is a good actress. We had our doubts as to whether she would be apt for this role. After ‘RX 100’, similar doubts were entertained by others in my case. I was rugged in that movie. People wondered if I would suit other types of roles. Two days after working with Neha, we were convinced that she had slipped into her character effortlessly. You won’t see DJ Tillu’s Radhika anywhere in our movie.

Both ‘RX 100’ and ‘Bedurulanka 2012’ have got similar character names and backdrops (the Godavari backdrop). Is it a coincidence?

It happened by chance. I liked the stories of the two films and that’s why I did them. When the character’s name was said to be Siva, Clax didn’t appear conscious about the ‘RX 100’ callback. The director said that he did not remember the name of my character from ‘RX 100’. I would be happy to think of it sentimentally but the director chose the name ‘Siva’ only because he felt it would be apt for my character in ‘Bedurulanka 2012’.

How was it collaborating with producer Ravindra Benerjee Muppaneni (Benny) for a novel entertainer?

There is a scene where people have to run away from a place. We needed a certain number of people to participate in the scene. The producer did not compromise on the costs involved. He provided us with everything that the story needed. Composer Mani Sharma garu was brought in for the same reason. I would be very happy to do a film under his production again.

You have been very positive about Mani Sharma’s music. What kind of an asset is he for the movie?

Mani Sharma’s background music has lent our movie a lot of strength. All the songs have clicked with the audience. This is a new genre movie that has benefited from various theme music. The RR is fantastic.

Usually, Mani Sharma does not give interviews. How did you convince him to give one?

We first thought of requesting him to give a byte. But he was ready to give an interview. That’s because he knows this movie is unique in his discography. He is excited about how the RR has shaped up.

When are you announcing your next movie?

I am more careful with story selection these days. New projects have not been announced but discussions are underway. I am doing a film produced by UV Creations. It is an action and crime comedy film. Prashanth is directing it. Two or three more films are under discussion.

Can we expect a sequel to ‘RX 100‘?

Ajay Bhupathi and I have a plan to do a film together. But it is not ‘RX 100 2’. We have discussed a few lines. We will collaborate when something fruitful comes up.

Ajith’s ‘Valimai’ has made you popular in Tamil Nadu. Why are you not doing Telugu-Tamil bilingual films?

It is true that, after ‘Valimai’, I have gained recognition in Tamil. But not every movie is meant to be released in the Tamil language. A bilingual has to be done only when the story has the potential to be liked by both the Telugu and Tamil audience. After ‘Valimai’, two or three opportunities came my way from Tamil but I didn’t find them exciting.

Recently your words about Chiranjeevi’s greatness went viral. Did you make those comments as a fan?

I am his fan. More than that, Chiranjeevi garu is the person who inspired me to become an actor. He made me feel responsible toward movies. I came to the industry to dance like him and to become a hero. My mother often says that I am not responsible otherwise but when it comes to cinema, I give my all. The sense of responsibility has been learned from the Megastar.

There are ups and downs in your journey. What have you learned from them so far?

We learn something or the other from each film that we do. We want every movie to be a hit. We hope for positive results all the time. Over the years, I have realized that I must not do a film just because I loved a point or a scene. I have to go for it only if the entire story is exciting.