Bandi Saroj Kumar’s new movie ‘Parakramam’ lands a super-interesting Pre-Teaser


The family watch is coming from the director of cult hit ‘Mangalyam’

Bandi Saroj Kumar, who is known for the digital release ‘Mangalyam’, is going to direct a new movie titled ‘Parakramam’ on his banner, BSK Mainstream. The film is currently in pre-production, completing casting and location hunt work. Saroj, who is not only directing the movie but is also its music director, writer and editor, is planning to complete the film in 30 days spread over two schedules over a period of two months. The shoot will begin in September and will be wrapped up by the end of October.

Today, landing a superb pre-teaser video, Saroj also announced the film’s release date. ‘Parakramam’ will be released in theatres on February 14, 2024.

Releasing the pre-teaser in Telugu and Tamil, director Bandi Saroj Kumar said that his previous two movies, ‘Nirbandham’ and ‘Mangalyam’, were released on digital platforms and received the love of lakhs of audience members. Those who wanted to pay for his movies did so using digital means on a voluntary basis. “With the strength given by those who loved my previous movies, I am now making a film for the big screen on my banner BSK MAINSTREAM. ‘Parakramam’ will be made for the family audience, including children. ‘I, Me, Myself’ is its tagline,” Saroj said.

The plot involves the various stages in the life of the male protagonist, named Lovaraju. Gully cricket, love, theater life and politics in a village named Lampakalova in the Godavari district will keep the audience hooked. “I am going to come up with a solid commercial story that will entertain the youth in every way and motivate them. Along with me, I am going to introduce a set of promising artists, both male and female, through the movie,” Saroj says, urging the media to support his sincere endeavour.


Cast: Bandi Saroj Kumar, Anamika, Kireeti, Mohan Senapaty, and others.
Banner: BSK Mainstream
Story, Editor, Music, Producer, Director: Bandi Saroj Kumar
VFX: AYK ERA Studios
Sound Design and Mixing: Kali SR Ashok
Art: Kireeti Musi
Publicity Design : Sagar Mudiraaz and Uday Jala
Lyricist: Shashank Vennelakanti
Line Producer: Praveen Guduri
PRO: Paul Pawan
Production Executive: Mana Raju
Stills: Naveen Kalyan