Audio of ‘Life Of 3’The film marks Preetam’s directorial debut


Prominent music director, Ad filmmaker Shashi Preetam is debuting as a director with the movie ‘Life Of 3’. His daughter Aishwarya Krishna Priya has produced it. Co-produced by Dushyanth Reddy, the film has Snehal Kamath, Santosh Anantharaman, and Chinni Krishna in key roles. Vaishali, Soujanya Varma, Lohith Kumar, CVL Narasimha Rao, Vaibhav Surya have played other roles. Shashi Preetam has not only penned its story and screenplay but has also taken care of cinematography and music. On Wednesday (September 15), marking Preetam’s birthday, the film’s First Look and audio were unveiled. Preetam himself has written its songs.

Speaking on the occasion Shashi Preetam said, “We began the film in January. Last year, when I suffered a heart attack, I almost tasted death. I have learned a great deal from the experience, which taught me to never give up till the last moment. We ought to struggle perennially. As long as the fighting spirit is intact, life is going to be a sport. ‘Life Of 3’ owes its inspiration to this philosophy. A lot of newcomers have acted in my movie. I am also introducing new singers. Introducing new talents makes me very happy. I thank my daughter Aishwarya and her co-traveller Dushyanth Reddy for being nice producers. My close friends Lohith, Chinni Krishna, and Vaibhav knew what kind of a story I was writing and expressed their willingness to become a part of the movie.”

Lohith said, “I have known Shashi Preetam since the days he used to charge Rs 50 for a jingle. He has done more than 55 movies and is a multi-talented guy. He is capable of very good music, and is also a talented songwriter. He is also skilled in Editing. He is going to prove himself beyond doubt with ‘Life Of 3’.”

Chinni Krishna said, “I entered the industry with ‘Samudram’ 23 years ago. Shashi Preetam was its music director. I am happy to have worked under him after all these years. I am one of the characters mentioned in the title. I thank him for this opportunity. The character I have played in it is close to my real life.”

Vaibhav Surya said, “I like to act in front of the camera more than speaking off the camera. I have collaborated on Ads with Shashi garu previously. ‘Life Of 3’ is a project of a lifetime for him. The artists have done a nice job. This is going to be a very special project in my career.”

Aishwarya Krishna Priya said, “It’s my father’s birthday today. I have worked with my father since my childhood. He has done a lot for me. It’s for his sake that I became a producer. He is a single father for whom I have got immense respect. This is my first step as a technician and a producer.”

Dushyanth Reddy said, “The singers have done a great job. Today belongs to them. As time passes, the music trends undergo many changes. We have to attune our work to the tastes of the listeners. Shashi Preetam’s songs, composed many years ago, are enjoyable to this day.”

The event saw the participation of Dr. Perumallu, Snehal Kamath, Santosh Anantharaman, Vaishali, Soujanya Varma, CVL, Joseph Sundar, Shastri ARK, Rajesh, Veeren Thambidurai, Anirudh Mantripragada, Vishwanathan, Ajith Shukla, Varun Sadhu, Shaheem, NC Karunya, Samanvitha Sharma, Pratyusha Sharma, Pratyusha Palluri, Adithya, Vidya Narayan Raghavan, Mrudula Sharma, Vandana Susheel, Susheel Kumar and others.


Snehal Kamath, Santosh Anantharaman, Chinni Krishna, Vaishali, Soujanya Varma, Lohith Kumar, CVL Narasimha Rao, Vaibhav Surya, and others.


PRO: Surendra Kumar Naidu-Phani Kandukuri (Beyond Media)
Associate Producers: Ashok Baddi, Dr. Perumallu Malineni
Executive Producer: Vishwanathan V
Editor: Anirudh Mantripragada
Co-Producer: Dushyanth Reddy
Producer: Aishwarya Krishna Priya
Story, screenplay, songs, cinematography, music, direction: Shashi Preetam