Amit Shah heaps praises on KCR


The home minister of India, Amit Shah apparently stored commends on Telangana boss priest KCR while communicating with him through telephone. According to reports, Amit Shah called KCR yesterday and said ‘Janatha Curfew’ was executed with most extreme flawlessness in Telangana and applauded the last for his administration.

Likewise, Amit Shah purportedly disclosed to KCR that Telangana is doing really well with regards to taking care of this crunch circumstance. It is now realized that KCR reported that Telangana will be in lockdown till March 31st. He expressed that families with apportion cards will get a monetary helper of Rs 1500 every month alongside 12 KGs rice for each head.

The state will be under a lockdown completely until the 31st of March. Let us hope that the virus will not spread further.