“Ambajipeta Marriage Band” has a unique element & it will impress audience: Producer Dheeraj Mogilineni


Suhas, the promising young actor of Telugu cinema, has been making waves with his performances in films like ‘Colour Photo’ and ‘Writer Padmabhushan’. He is now ready to entertain the audience with his upcoming film “Ambajipeta Marriage Band.” The film produced jointly by GA2 Pictures and director Venkatesh Maha’s Mahayana motion pictures, the film is coming also under the banner of Dheeraj Mogilineni Entertainment.

Dheeraj Mogilineni has carved a niche for himself in Tollywood as a successful young producer, boasting hit films like Dorasani, ABCD, Urvashivo Rakshasivo, and Baby. His latest venture, “Ambajipeta Marriage Band,” is set for a grand release in theaters on February 2. On this occasion, Producer Dheeraj Mogilineni shared insights into the highlights of the movie.

“After the lockdown, director Dushyanth shared the complete story, including the dialogues, of ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Bandu.’ The narrative is woven with real incidents from his life, and the natural elements in Dushyant’s storytelling deeply impressed me. Given the natural backdrop of the story, we meticulously planned the casting and locations, initiating the shooting only after ample pre-production time. While the trailer may suggest discussions on caste, the film doesn’t aim to perpetuate stereotypes. The representation of different castes in the village is a natural reflection, not intended for any demeaning portrayal.”

“When ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’ was initially announced, it was perceived as a comedy. The release of songs hinted at a love story, and the trailer revealed a more serious subject. Suhas, known for his versatility, embraced this serious role with dedication, showcasing a different dimension of his acting prowess. The film doesn’t convey a particular message but rather presents real incidents from a specific area in a cinematic form. The character of Suhas’s sister, played by Saranya Pradeep, is pivotal, forming the crux of the story.”

“While considering Suhas for the lead, we were aware of his recent success in ‘Color Photo’ and ongoing projects. Suhas’s commitment and dedication to the role were evident as he shaved his head twice for certain scenes, choosing authenticity over a wig. His commitment surprised us, especially considering his busy schedule with multiple offers after ‘Color Photo.'”

“In the casting process, we aimed for freshness, auditioning new talents like Shivani for the heroine’s role. Director Dushyanth recognized her potential and elevated her from a friend’s role to the lead heroine. The film has been designed to break away from the typical commercial formula, maintaining Geetha Arts’ reputation while infusing a fresh approach with new talents.”

“Shekhar Chandra’s music has added depth to the film, enhancing the overall experience. Director Dushyant’s storytelling prowess, showcased in movies like ‘Care of Kancherapalem’ and ‘Umamaheswara Ugrarupasya,’ is evident in ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Bandu.’ His mentor, Venkatesh Maha, initially introduced him to the story, and their collaboration has resulted in a technically impressive film.”

“Dushyanth’s association with Venkatesh Maha in previous projects shaped his directorial skills, and Venkatesh Maha was initially interested in producing this movie. However, considering the risks during the COVID period, we took on the production. Allu Aravind’s positive response after watching the movie was a testament to its quality.”

“Aside from ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Bandu,’ we are concurrently working on ‘The Girlfriend’ with Rashmika Mandanna, having completed 40% of the shooting. Additionally, we have three more projects in the pipeline, and details will be announced soon.”

Jagadeesh Pratap Bandari of Pushpa fame and Goparaju Ramana playing key roles. Music is scored by Sekhar Chandra. Wajid Baig and Kodati Pawan Kalyan are handling the cinematography and editing departments. The film is directed by newcomer Dushyanth Katikineni, and it is creating quite a buzz among movie lovers with the promotional content.