Aarambham movie trailer launch grandly, movie releasing on May 10th


“Aarambham,” starring Mohan Bhagat, Supritha Satyanarayan, Bhushan Kalyan, and Ravindra Vijay in key roles, is produced by Abhishek VT under the banner of AVT Entertainment and directed by Ajay Nag V. An emotional thriller, “Aarambham” is set for a grand theatrical release on May 10. Today, the movie trailer release program was held at Hyderabad’s Prasad Labs. In this program,

Lyricist Srikanth said, “I did not expect to stand and speak on a movie promotion stage like this. Thanks to all ‘Aarambham’ team members for giving me this opportunity. I got a chance to write good songs for this movie. Positive vibes are already suggesting that the movie ‘Aarambham’ will be good. Our team wishes you to give this film a good start.”

Editor Aditya Tiwari said, “I worked not only as an editor but also as an assistant director for the movie ‘Aarambham.’ I was involved in all the works of this movie from pre-production to post-production. The transformation from the script to the film-making of this movie is magical. Everyone who worked on this film gave 200 percent effort to make every frame you see look so good. Hope the ‘beginning’ is a good success.”

Editor Pritam Gayatri said, “All the main crew who worked for the movie ‘Aarambham’ came from the same college. When Ajay told this script, it seemed a bit complicated. But after the whole shooting, it was very impressive. May 10, you all come and watch the movie ‘Aarambham.”

Music director Sinjith Yerramilli said, “Director Ajay came into my life like a blessing. After watching this movie, I was afraid whether I would be able to do the music for it. Ajay supported me. The entire movie team supported me. If the music for this film is completed, it will be destiny. In my room, there are all SPB’s photos. When he sang the song from this movie with SP Charan, Balu remembered it and shed tears. We went on to complete all the songs and RR in one flow. ‘Aarambham’ will be a film that brings fame to the entire team.”

Cinematographer Devdeep Gandhi said, “We have completed the movie ‘Aarambham’ and are bringing it to you. The film hitting the theaters on May 10. You have seen the trailer. We put all our efforts into this story, and the result of this movie is in your hands. ‘Aarambham’ movie will be enjoyed by all the audience.”

Producer Abhishek VT said, “My father was the main reason for making the film ‘Aarambham’. He gave me the money and sent me into the production of my dream movie. I thank my mother and father for that. Ujwal brought the story of this film to me. Ajay was introduced by him. Ajay is the visionary director behind the movie ‘Aarambham.’ As mentioned in the trailer of this movie, it is very important who is with us on our journey. So I got all the team members with me on the journey of producing this film. Have you seen the trailer of ‘Aarambham? You will definitely like the movie. Hero Naga Chaitanya released the teaser of our movie. We thank him. At the time of making this movie, it was known that this is a movie without any commercial elements. But I was very impressed when I heard the story. I felt that I should try with this movie. These are the days when movies with good content are popular. We believe that the movie ‘Aarambham’ will also be successful.”

Actress Surabhi Prabhavathi said, “Thanks to director Ajay and producer Abhishek for giving me a chance to portray a good character in this movie. When you join the team of this film, you might wonder how the shooting will be with all the new people. But I felt happy seeing their persistence and passion in filmmaking. This is a good movie. I hope this movie receives your support.”

Actor Abhishek Bodepalli said, “Many of my friends are among the people who worked on the movie ‘Aarambham.’ My roommates are there. No one in this team is limited to any one task. We all worked in all departments. We did teamwork. In ‘Aarambham,’ I had more scenes with Ravindra Vijay. It was a pleasure to work with him. You all watch this movie in the theater. Be successful.”

Bhushan Kalyan said, “I was approached by producer Abhishek for the film ‘Aarambham.’ He said to do a scientist character. I immediately said no. Abhishek said director Ajay will meet you once. I heard the narration in a cafe here in Filmnagar. I liked the script written by Ajay. The average age of those who worked on this movie team is 24. After working with them, it seemed like an amazing team. It is a great thing that these people who have no experience can shoot in the locations of Western Ghats without bothering anyone. I am three times older than them. After working with this team, I have become like a 24-year-old. I like routine characters a lot. Don’t want them. I found satisfaction as an actor in this movie.”

Actor Ravindra Vijay said, “This is a film based on a novel. Films where attention is paid to the script are definitely good. Our director Ajay has done such good work on the storylines of the movie ‘Aarambham.’ I will be seen in the character of a detective in this movie. Every craftwork in this movie is impressive. This is a movie that gives a complete theatrical experience to the audience. Drama, suspense, human emotion, science fiction are appealing. Hit the theaters on May 10 and enjoy the movie ‘Aarambham.’ During our lockdown time, all the short movies will come to OTT. We wanted to watch big movies in theaters. But if you see this year, many small films with good content have collected well in theaters. This movie also joins that list.”

Director Ajay Nag said, “I scripted this movie based on a Kannada novel. My friend wrote that novel. During the lockdown time, we went to our hometown and prepared the story. Abhishek was introduced to me through my common friend while looking for a producer. That’s how this movie started. We are all new. They know how to shoot but they don’t know how to make the artists comfortable. We shot in Western Ghats locations. Despite the difficulties with our new team, the artists supported everything. As the story of the movie begins, two prisoners escape from the jail. Two detectives step in to investigate their case. They find a diary. What is in that diary about the prisoners? It is an interesting story whether they are found or not. Mainly there is drama in the movie. This is a movie that is not in one genre but in different genres. This novel is popular in Kannada and that’s why we made this movie in Telugu instead of Kannada. After the release in Telugu, we will take the film to other languages.”

Hero Mohan Bhagat said, “I made this movie believing in the story. What is my credit in this movie? I acted as suggested by our director. My character has all shades. What I did in this movie was not an intense character. It’s going to be fun. The movie will be impressive with elements like human emotions, drama, and science fiction. The mother character has importance in this. We don’t spend much time with mom when she is with us. We will feel sad after they leave. That’s how my mother’s character is. After watching the movie, we are very confident. All of you will definitely like the movie ‘Aarambham.’ I feel lucky to work with such a team. I hope that the film ‘Aarambham’ will be a good start to my career.”

Actors: Mohan Bhagat, Supritha Satyanarayan, Bhushan Kalyan, Ravindra Vijay, Laxman Meesala, Bodepally Abhishek, Surabhi Prabhavathi, etc.

Technical team:
Editor – Aditya Tiwari, Pritam Gayatri
Cinematography – Devdeep Gandhi Kundu
Music – Sinjith Yerramilli
Dialogues – Sandeep Angidi
Sound – Manika Prabhu
Executive Producer – Vinay Reddy Mango
CEO – Ujwal BM
PRO – GSK Media (Suresh – Sreenivas)
Banner – AVT Entertainment
Producer – Abhishek VT
Directed by – Ajay Nag V