A Raw – Rustic – Sensible love story, Premalo to hits the screens on January 26th


‘Premalo’ is the title of a movie led by Chandu Koduri as the hero and Charishma Shreekhar as the heroine. Produced under the banner of Dream Zone Pictures, the film is directed by Chandu Koduri himself. Produced by Rajesh Koduri, it will be released in theatres on January 26. Its trailer launch event was held today in Hyderabad in the presence of Sivaji Raja.

Hero and director Chandu Koduri said, “I am so happy to be in the film industry. I am still here even though I have not been properly recognized. Now I am going to come in front of the audience as a director with the movie ‘Premalo’. Sivaji Raja is so happy to release the trailer of this movie. He acted brilliantly in this film. The entire team worked very hard for this film. Cinematographer Ram P Nandigam shot this movie very naturally. Editor Pavan Kalyan has done films like ‘Major’, ‘Writer Padmabhushan’. He agreed to do this flick for me when I approached him. Dialogue writer Ravi has written very good words. Sandeep Kanugula gave nice music. The BGM is on another level. As a producer, my elder brother Rajesh not only invested money in this film but also worked hard as a manager. This is a film with heavy casting and high-end emotions. There is strength in the story and guts in the concept. That’s why I made this film. You don’t have to have a budget to harvest heavy emotions. I have done a story in Telugu which no one has attempted till now in Telugu cinema. Movies with content are always appreciated by movie lovers. I have given employment to many people by doing this film. If this film becomes a big hit, I will employ more people in the future. The reason we are all here today is because of cinema. Media, please support our film. The audience should support our film. It is a pleasure to launch our movie trailer at a time when the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya has been consecrated.”

Actor Sivaji Raja said, “It feels sad to say that there is no anchor for the event. Kollywood’s T Rajender is a hero, an editor, and also a director. But he never did anchoring for any event. Chandu has done anchoring too! This is a new record (smiles). Our teacher V. Madhusudhan’s daughter Vani called me and told me to do this film. My shooting part was for three days. But looking at Chandu’s passion, I was committed to completing my part in just a day to control costs. Chandu’s hard work will be rewarded by this movie.”

Actor Bhogireddy Srinivas said, “It is a pleasure to work on this film. The trailer is so good. It is different from all the films made so far. The heroine’s father character will be very new in this film.”

Music director Sandeep said, “I have had a working relationship with Chandu for fifteen years. There was a gap in the middle. After that, we met for this movie through a friend. The songs are excellent. The BGM is turning out to be excellent.”

Lyric writer Satya said that he has written a song about a YouTuber’s journey. “If you have talent, you can achieve anything. I want everyone to watch this film and make it a success.”

Banner: Dream Zone Pictures

Starring: Chandu Koduri, Charishma Shreekhar, Sivaji Raja, Madhusudan Rao, Srinivas Bogireddy, Mahaboob Basha, Prabhavathi Varma, Bus Stop Koteshwara Rao and Katam Reddy.

Story, Screenplay, Director: Chandu Koduri
Producer: Rajesh Koduri
Dialogues: I Ravi
Cameraman: Ram P Nandigam
Music Director: Sandeep Kanugula
Editor: Kodati Pavan Kalyan
Lyricist: Poorna Chari, Satya RVV
Singer: Satya Yamini, Krishna Tejaswi, Mama Singh
Action Director: Chandu Koduri, Sanga Kumar
DI, Dubbing: Jayanthi Studios
Colorist: M Arun Kumar
Art Director: Reddy Saab, Hari
Final Mixing: Shyamala Sikhdar
Co-Director: Tirumala Kumar
Assistant Director: Mohan Kadarampalli
PRO: Paul Pavan.