A Film to be shot very innovatively:


Aghosh vyshnavam, the renowned fashion photographer is in talks with writer & Director Eshwar Peddi for a new project that is going to be a sensation. By the initial reports, they are going to shoot the film with iPhone & go pro cameras which is the first of a kind in Tollywood. What also stands out is that it going to be shot in natural light. Aghosh is not only known by his amazing photographs, but also through some of his extraordinary short films and music videos while Eshwar is an experienced writer and his story has a very mysterious characterisation of the female protagonist.

Aghosh’s vibrant passion for the process of filmmaking led is raising immense expectations on this project. Oruthy, Njarambu, Adult, Marriage Contract, Arranged Marriage, Finger, Madhumathi etc are the most eminent works of him as a cinematographer.

He has directed and cinematographed several music videos too. Mrithyu, Maunam, seethakalyanam, araariraaro, Cutiekadhali, Dhuun, Bhaaga series, Malavaazhi, etc are the most momentous music albums.

Seethakalyanam was the among the first nominations to have a second part for a music video – maunam. Aghosh’s documentaries were selected, shortlisted, nominated for different national and international short film festivals and won many titles. Malavazhi was awarded the titles ‘Best Music album’ and ‘Best Direction’ in the Goa International film awards.

The multi-talented techincian is now set to enter Tollywood. He is also a part of filmmaker Aditya’s upcoming yet to be titled film. Expressing happiness over the project Aghosh is looking forward to his stint in Telugu film industry and the shoot of Aghosh – Eshwar film will start at the year end.