15 Husbands For Amala Paul


Amala Paul has been attempting to score a hit in the cinematic world for quite a while. It has been for such a long time since she got a substantial job in a film. Coming to Tollywood, numerous Telugu crowds have overlooked her as of now. To restore that ubiquity and hit the achievement track, she is currently accompanying the film Aadai which is releasing as Aame in Telugu.

The trailer of this film has raised numerous eyebrows of Tamil and Telugu businesses. Amala went bare for one of the plans in the film. At the point when gotten some information about that succession in an ongoing meeting, Amala stated, “As the shooting day drew closer, I’ve felt the warmth on the most proficient method to deal with that scene. We ensured just a couple of professionals were available at the area.” 

“There were just 15 individuals during the shoot. I used to let them know, while Draupadi has five spouses, I have 15 husbands to secure me.” she revealed about the scene.